Friday, October 26, 2012

Victorian Sunbonnet Tutorial ~ Pt. 4

Now that your brim and crown are complete, it is time to attach the curtain! This large piece shades the back of your neck and also helps protect the upper back of your dress from excessive fading when in the sun. First, press under and stitch a narrow hem all around the curved short edges and one long edge of the curtain. 

The next step is to run gathering stitches along the top, straight edge of the curtain. Pull up the threads to fit the neckline and stitch, right sides together, with bottom brim/crown:
I centered the gathering stitches on the curtain to fit the neck edge of the crown. You can do the same or gather the curtain to the bonnet brim/crown evenly all the way across. Either way is fine!
To finish off the inside seam between the curtain and the rest of the bonnet, I like to sew a strip of fabric over the seam.
 I stitch the strip to the bottom of the seam allowance, flip it up to encase the seam allowance and then turn under a tiny edge along the top of the strip. I stitch that to the brim/crown and that finishes the seam nicely. You can finish the seam between the brim and crown by binding it or overcasting, if needed. Since my fabric is not very ravelly I chose to not finish the seam at this time. Later if I find threads are coming loose I will go back and overcast the seam by hand.

The bonnet is very close to being done! The only thing left to do is to add ties.



  1. I love love love that fabric! What a fine gift! Thank you for the tutorial as well, it was been so nice to see everything step by step.
    Happy Fall to you and yours.

  2. Dear Sarah,

    This has been a really good tutorial. Thanks so much for it!

    Very best,


  3. I did it and I love it!!! Here's what I did. I made some smaller sizes, too, to share.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the idea of a quilted brim. I'll try it with some flannel for a lightweight brim. I think I can guide some teens in sewing this, but will make one for myself first. :) Thanks!

  5. Are there instructions for adding the ties?


  6. Are there instructions for adding the ties?



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