Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly: Challenge - Tops and Toes

I haven't been able to meet any of the HSF challenges yet this year, but was excited when a few current projects aligned with the category Tops and Toes. I've been playing with tweaking a new boys cap pattern and girls bonnet pattern and here are two of the results. Stay tuned for tutorials!

Challenge: Tops and Toes
What It Is: Early Victorian Boys Wheel Cap
Year: 1830s - 1860s
Fabric: Wool flannel for the outside and cotton lining
Pattern: My own, adapted from Workwoman's Guide
Notions: thread, needle
How historically accurate is it?: Fairly accurate. The shape and materials are correct and all visible stitching is hand done. The cap lacks interior structure that period caps might have had (stiffening such as whalebone, etc).
Hours to Complete: 1 hour project!
First Worn: Sold to a customer
Total Cost: all from stash!

Challenge: Tops and Toes
What it Is: Mid Victorian Quilted Sunbonnet
Year: 1850s-1870s
Fabric: Striped green cotton voile
Pattern: My own, based on an original
Notions: Cotton batting, needle, thread
How historically accurate is it? The cut and shape are period, though most of the stitching is machine done (not a big issue for 1860s onward)
Hours to complete: 1.5
First worn: sold to a customer
Total cost: everything was from my stash!

These were very fun to make and very "instant gratification" since they were so simple and quick. Gotta love that! A great use for smaller pieces if fabric, too.