Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finished Boy's Regency Suit

Malachi kinda likes modeling for pictures. After two boys who are rather camera-shy, this has come as a shock. But then, Malachi is cut from different cloth. He is the one who liked to carry around purses and keys when he was a toddler and requires daily applications of chapstick (whenever he sees me use it). He cares about his personal appearance more than his brothers do and he definitely has his own sense of style.

So, here is the finished suit! I dyed it last evening and it took the dye really well. I hemmed a strip of crimson wool, leftover from Blake's stewards trousers I made earlier this year, and fringed the edges a bit to make a quickie sash. I really like how the brown and red look together and with the white shirt, hey, it is festive!

Here are a jumble of pics, showing the suit both with and without the sash. I really am happy with how it came out and hope that sometime in the future we have an event from this period to go to so I can make all my little guys outfits like this!



  1. Looks very regency, really nice. Red and brown is one of my favourite colour combinations :)

  2. I love it! It looks mightily real and useful to me, somehow.

  3. Such a handsome young man! The suit is absolutely wonderful, and looks so period! It's such a joy to see well dressed little ones.

  4. Dear Sarah,

    What a fine young man Malachi is, in his handsome suit. Sure wish those skeleton suits were popular today, because they really set a boy off well. And the collar! Swoon, goes this mama of two boys herself...

    Very best,


  5. Oh my! He couldn't be more adorable and dashing! Well done!

  6. Beautifully done! The entire outfit looks so "real", especially with the sash!


  7. Adorable! Great even coloring and what a sweet model you have.

  8. That suit turned out so adorable! I like the idea of dying the linen the color you want. Sometimes it's hard to find the color you want. Thanks for that idea! It's pretty obvious, though isn't it? haha!


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