Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anne's 1860's Sacque

It only took a few hours to make and fits her so much better than Malachi's old coat.

She does look somewhat like a mini-Confederate soldier in her butternut and blue but we can just say that her coat is "military influenced". Which was, after all, fashionable and patriotic in the 1860's. We can conveniently ignore the fact that her daddy does a Federal impression. Or we could just say that this was really all that her mama had in the stash that could work and the similarity to Confederate military coats is just an unfortunate coincidence. Which is true.

These types of coats are really so ridiculously easy to make. Only 5 pieces - two fronts, one back, two sleeves - and they can be whipped up in under an hour.

For this one I quilted the lining and sewed it right sides together with the outer wool shell around the fronts and bottom. Turn, press and bind the neckline edge. Set in the sleeves. Add some sort of closure and that's it!

Actually, for these style coats, a closure isn't even always necessary. For hers I covered a few buttons and made it close to the waist. A simple band of trim around the edges finished it off. Under 2 hours. Handsewing and all!



  1. Both she and the clothing you are making for her are gorgeous! What a delight!

  2. She looks so happy! It's a darling coat.

  3. She looks sooo cute! I love seeing babies in winter coats, it somehow makes them look grown up and emphasizes their littleness at the same time...
    And she smiles so beautifully for the camera!

  4. What a cutie, her blue eyes matching the accents of blue on the coat, she will like the soft fabric around her neck. Beautifully done!

  5. Hello,
    Oooooh, my dear, I'm sure you're thrilled to be able to "dress" your little girl and not be the only woman in the house.
    In addition, she is very cheerful.
    I will follow its evolution and costumes with great pleasure.
    Aenor Moyon

  6. I love this coat. The last picture is absolutely adorable!!!

  7. What a beautiful coat on an absolutely adorable baby! Can I ask, what pattern did you use?

    God bless,
    Sarah Grace

  8. I love it! She likes the coat so much better than the bonnet from a few days ago.

  9. Oh my goodness, I am in love! In love with your precious little girl, in love with that adorable coat, in love with your amazing talents, and in love with the finished, adorable product! So so so perfect!


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