Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Wreathes Across America

 Ten days before Christmas, Malachi particpated in a wreathe laying ceremony with a local Sons of Union Veterans camp. Wreaths Across America is a nationwide effort to lay wreathes on the graves of our military veterans and I am so happy Malachi was able to be part of this. It is a very sober responsibility to represent the veterans of any war and it is good to be reminded that although reenacting can be fun, it is, in the end, a living memorial to those who came before us. 

Malachi laid the wreathe at the flagpole of the POW-MIA during the ceremony and then we all gathered and walked to a portion of the cemetery where a large group of Civil War soldiers are buried. 

It was a cold day and spitting rain but rather typical for December. I wore a late 1960's dress I made the autumn before last and was happy to have occasion to wear it, although I think if I dress 1960s again for this event I will make a much warmer outfit! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have started the New Year off with as much positivity as is realistic. We are now entering into another year where covid continues to shape the world we live in and I know for me, I sometimes feel very down and very numb because of it. Yet, there are many things to be thankful for as we creatively figure out how to still go about the business of living and I am grateful that those I love who have been affected by covid are still here. Covid went through our own family in November and I am very lucky that no one had anything worse than mild cold symptoms. I am glad I was able to get my booster vaccine on the very last day of the year. 

We have been busy and I have been making lots of things but somehow never quite find time to post about them here. I do post quite frequently on  my Instagram sewing account, so if you have an Instagram account and prefer that platform, please visit me there at romantichistory_sews. 

Some new things I'm doing this year include a National Liberation Front impression (otherwise known as VC) for when I take Malachi to Vietnam events, 

My ao ba ba, otherwise known as "black pajamas" worn by the Vietcong. I made this set from black cotton shirting and sewed it on my 1921 treadle singer sewing machine. I absolutely love developing and researching this impression. My sandals are repro rubber tire sandals from eBay. I have so much more that I've made or acquired but it's not good weather for photos that ought to be set in a very warm climate! So I'm waiting for better weather and continuing my research. 

NLF armband, worn for fighting scenarios (they would not have worn these outside of active engagement)

and the beginnings of a 9th century Anglo-Saxon common (working class) woman.

Handsewn linen shift, headband and veil. 

Try on of the undergarments.

I did make a mock up for 1798 stays for my Welsh folk dress outfit, which I hope to have done before St. Davids day this year.
Mock up of the 1798 stays from Jill Salens "Corsets". 

All last summer I worked on a Bronze Age kit, which is far from complete but gives me so much joy to work on bit by bit. I have so much to share! But likely Instagram is a better place to do it, as writing enough blog posts to get caught up would take a long time. 

Last Tuesday, dressed to celebrate Imbolc. 💚

Much love,