Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Short Sleeved Scroop Robin Dress

 It's been warm enough lately to wear this dress again and I thought I should probably blog about it, especially since I made this last summer and took pictures of it for my blog last fall!

This was my second dress from the Scroop Robin Dress pattern and I love it just as much as the first one I made, if not more. I do not like ironing it every time I wash it but I invested in a clothes steamer and it makes getting wrinkles out so much easier and quicker. 

This version was made with my own modified pattern (adapted for a low bust point) and the short flutter sleeves included in the pattern. I used wooden buttons down the front and they seem to compliment the blue and brown feather print fabric quite well. The fabric is from Wal-Mart and not the greatest quality, but hey, it's great for an everyday dress!

I first wore this dress to a local tent revival last summer (I have been to plenty of those in my life and feel no need to be re-saved, but, it was fun and I enjoyed going with Rose to listen to familiar gospel music and hear some fire and brimstone preaching. It was interesting seeing how I enjoyed some aspects of it very much (the old hymns and the (socially distanced) socializing, but how I was horrified and appalled at a lot of the violent preaching. 

I wanted to make this dress full length but didn't have quite enough fabric for it so the shorter version it was. It does take quite a bit of fabric to cut the full length princess seam panels. I will try that version sometime this spring, I think. Making this dress will be even quicker now since I have learned to work with the buttonhole attachment on my 1920's singer treadle. It makes such perfect buttonholes each time!

Look how little Lucy was in these pictures! She is a giant puppy now. I think she will be a fairly large dog when all is said and done. She is still just as sweet and curious and cuddly now although she no longer fits in my arms. 

I hope you all are enjoying these first stirrings of spring as winter winds down. I sure am! I love having my windows open today and going outdoors barefoot and with no coat. 

Much love,