Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Grey Wool Spencer ~ It Has Sleeves!

Last day of the month and, as usual, I put in the finishing stitches just this morning. Despite the obnoxious visible white stitching I am really pretty happy with how this came out!

This is one of the first regency items I've made that just feels real to me. Such as, I can put it on and can move in it and forget I'm wearing it. That is what makes a garment grand to me. I like this little jacket very much and I think I'll wear it a lot. It even looks cute with jeans and without stays!

I'm working on the petticoat to go with it. I wanted a dark skirt to go with this since it is now quite cold outdoors and light colored skirts show wear and dirt more quickly. The only dark colored gown I have is the dark green cotton print I made a while ago, and since it is a later style (18-teens-ish) it has wider bishop sleeves that don't fit very well into the slim sleeves of this jacket. I picked apart my old 1860's plaid silk skirt and am remaking half of its width into a petticoat to go with the jacket. (maybe the other half will become a matching tunic top sometime in the future?)

Hopefully I will have a chance to wear it and grab some pics this weekend.



  1. Beautiful! I like that style very much.

  2. That looks very nice! Love the little white stiches in contrast with the dark fabric.

  3. Dear Sarah,

    Ooh, the spencer looks eminently wearable and I like the contrasting stitching: it fits with the suit stripe.

    Can't wait to see the ensemble, and how it looks with jeans...

    Very best,


  4. This looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job on it!

    I am visiting via Pinterest!

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