Sunday, December 16, 2018

Halloween Animal Coats for Rose & Benjamin

Oh my, it's 9 days til Christmas and I am not really in the holiday mood yet this year. It doesn't seem like it is Christmas time yet. Halloween seems like it was only a week or two ago and I feel like I skipped over Thanksgiving completely. It's been a weird year and I am tired and not ready for the big push of week-before-Christmas last minute shopping, baking and trips to the post office. I made a few batches of Christmas cookies this afternoon and put The Nutcracker in the dvd player for the babies to watch so hopefully that will help make me realize that, yes, Christmas is soon! I am just not ready to let go of this beautiful, beautiful autumn.

Speaking of Halloween, I wanted to share the babies costumes this year before we get too far away from October. While several of the children wore things they already had for Halloween, I made new costumes for Benjamin, Rose and Judah, and even had time to make one for me. It was a really fun month and the kids got far more candy than they needed and we attended four trick or treats (three too many!) so they had plenty of opportunity to wear their costumes.

Halloween is always cold and this year was no exception, although thankfully it wasn't as cold as it has been in  past years. I knew I wanted to make the littlest ones something warm and cozy that wouldn't have to be covered up by a coat. So, when I saw the Twig and Tale Animal Coat pattern, I thought well, why not make  a coat that is also a costume?

Each coat took me about a day to make. I loved using this pattern! The sizing is good, the fit is roomy enough to be worn for at least another season (perhaps two!) and the design is just so clever for growing kids. The animal elements are so fun to mix and match and well; I just loved making these!

Rosie was adamant this year that she be a Gruffalo. She loves the movie and it is her favorite one to watch. I am pretty sure she has it memorized. She wanted a brown coat with "purple prickles" and using some of the animal elements from the pattern and making up my own shape for the horns we put this coat together out of an old brown fleece blanket, scraps and a length of yellow quilting cotton for the lining. To close the button loops we used 3 large wooden buttons. The pockets on the front are finished with white "claws" and were the perfect places to put her favorite candy at Halloween.

Benjamin's coat was constructed of green corded twill, left over from some mid-19th century projects I made earlier this year, and lined with part of a blue cotton sheet. This coat is lighter weight than Rose's but still cozy enough layered over a hoodie in cold weather. For his coat I used the free dragon add-on for wings and floppy ears and a pointy dragon tail. We added a row of stubby spikes down the back and a fuzzy row of red wool yarn hair. Because dragons love gold, Benjamin chose 3 shiny gold colored buttons from my button drawer. His claws are made of bits of leather and the red elements are recycled from one of my old skirts.

They had such a good time wearing these coats and it has made me so happy to see them enjoy these coats way beyond just trick or treating. They wear them all the time, whether going out or around the house and they absolutely love pretending they are a Gruffalo and a mighty Dragon.

I had so much fun making these that I made a little coat for my niece out of fleece with cotton lining. She had requested a giraffe, so that is what this one is. For my newest little niece I made a baby cape to match her big sisters coat. These were so fun! For the cape, I used the Twig and Tale Travellers Cape. Another great pattern and one that I think I will use even for myself one of these days. (I am rather ridiculously excited about planning mine! I plan to make it of a blue small check wool blend with plaid lining and maybe a faux fur around the hood!)

I hope you all have a warm and happy Christmas!

Much love,