Saturday, October 13, 2012

1860's Button Suits So Far

Well, yesterday was not a good day. #1, it is harvest time and so the boys cannot go outside while the combine and tractor is out. Boys with lots of energy stuck within the house all day? Not such a great idea. #2, I am beginning to get really stressed out about getting these suits finished in time for next Saturday. #3, after our try-on yesterday, it looks like Judah will need a new shirt.

How CAN he grow so fast? I just draped this pattern for him a few months ago! He complained about the shirt being too tight, and it obviously is - just look at how the armscye, neck and shoulder area are pulling! I couldn't even overlap the placket as much as it needs to be. This boy has grown into a broad-shouldered, muscular creature whose figure is now far more manly than toddler-y. He cannot wear this. The sleeves are also too short. So I freaked out because now I need to drape a new pattern and make a new shirtwaist for Judah. Not that it will take a huge amount of time, but still. It's kind of disappointing. When you have a close deadline the least little thing can cause the tensed-up string to snap, you know?

Thankfully the trousers, which I draped brand-new for the occasion, fit him well. And David, although he is of a similar height, is of a slighter build, so his shirt, made from the same pattern, fits quite well with some room to grow.

I really don't know if I am going to have time to make the vests and the coats to go over these. So we may have to go with Plan B: modern thermal underwear as the initial layer and their old coats from last year as the top layer. It won't look nearly as nice as having the new vests and coats but it may be all I can do before next weekend. The baby still needs her coat and hood made if we are going to go.

I am really happy with how the convenience slits came out. Emma, thank you *so* much for your helpful information! I added a half circle "flap" to one side of the slit opening. It folds to the inside to hide the gap. Then the other side of the slit opening has the seam allowance turned to the inside and slip stitched to the lining. (the trousers are wool and I fully lined them for extra warmth as well as to extend the wearing life of the garment). It works perfectly! In fact, as soon as I finished the trousers David tried them on and immediately had to test out his convenience slit by using the bathroom. And it works! Yeah.


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