Thursday, August 29, 2019


Another month. More, actually. Maybe this is how blogs end? Slowly, like the summer fading away and turning into autumn.
Some of our heirloom tomatoes this year. They ripened very late!
I really don't know how much I will blog here in the future. I don't know how much I will sew in the future. I still plan to, of course, but I haven't sewn anything since my last update, despite desire to and full intention. Of course, lack of time does influence my ability to get much done, that way.

Maybe I am just getting middle aged and moody but I have felt very down the past few years. I don't like mainstream American society, at least how it is presented on public platforms. I do know, and enjoy, many very down to earth, humble people who live simply and love fully. But the mainstream public representation? It sucks. It makes me absolutely depressed. It's a self centered, consumer oriented, disposable type of society. 

I hate that we live with so much and yet others in the world live with so little. That we can happily toss "old" food in the trash without a second thought while other people could make literal weeks worth of meals out of food waste. How people can buy clothes and throw them out because they don't like them anymore, or they go out of fashion, or simply because they have too many. I think of the people who made those clothes and who probably got paid next to nothing for doing it. My heart hurts. I'm sad. This world is bleeding out. Humanity is, anyway. And we are doing it to ourselves. The natural world, I think, will cycle round as she always does. She will survive. But us? I don't know. I think we are very close to the end.

Sewing for fun seems really. . .I don't know. . .nonuseful? To me now. I love creating, but when I already have all I need to wear or use, and my children have plenty of clothing, what is the purpose, really, of creating new garments? Just to say I made them? To take cute pictures and post them for likes? To use up fabric? And if so, why use it up if it's not time for it to be used yet? There are certainly so many things I COULD make, but I don't need to. I am perfectly content with what I already have. 

That's not to say I will never sew again. Of course I will! But probably only what I really need or could use, or maybe toys for the children, or Halloween costumes, or the odd historic outfit here and there. 
Most of my free time this month has been taken up this way. I'm close to being
done with my first year. I am glad I stopped putting this off. 
In short, I probably won't blog here as much as I used to. I do still plan to keep up posting on my other blog, since that is not sewing specific. :D And yes, I did not post at all over the summer there but I started up again last week and it was nice.

It's been a weary August. I am very tired now, as the month draws to an end. Between a very long mystery illness that both little Rose and I had (days of labs and teams of doctors could not figure it out!) ER visits and a hospital stay (thankfully we are home now!), the start of school and the loss of my Grandpa, I am so tired. I look forward to September so much, and the beginning of Fair Week this weekend. We will ride all the rides and sample the local goods and watch the tractor pulls and the boys will see how their 4-H projects fared and the children have the whole week of school off because of it. It will be a good autumn.

It is a gentle time of year.
Much love, my friends, and keep on, always,