Friday, September 28, 2012

September Regency Project - Organdy Cap

Here we are at the end of month already and again I realized that I had very little time to do my required monthly regency project. I whipped up this little cap this week so that the requirement at least will be met. I originally planned to make a short gown this month but I can easily do that next month. I think most of my sewing time this month was taken up with working on the hobbit costume as well as being sick! We are finally recovering from our violent colds that we have had all of this past week.

This cap was inspired by the Kannik's Korner pattern for a round eared cap. I am a cheapskate and will rarely buy a pattern but I will look at pictures from other patterns and try to copy the design, alas. But it is a very basic style of cap for this era and will work nicely although since I wasn't feeling well and trying to make this quickly I am unhappy with a few things about it. Namely, I think the ruffle is a bit too wide and too full, the band a bit too narrow and the crown not quite long enough from crown to nape of neck. It fits. It works. But it could have been better. I am wearing the cap here with the white stripey gown I made last spring for the Jane Austen festival and my white linen apron from June's regency project.

I never did get good finished pics of the apron so thought I would get some yesterday. I should have worn a colored gown instead of a white one, though, since its hard to see detail with white-on-white. I really like the apron though! I realize that more and more every time I put it on. It's such a useful accessory!

And excuse my horrible modern hair. I finished the cap in the late afternoon and hurriedly threw on my clothes to get a few pics when David got home from work. I didn't do my hair up at all. It's still in its modern side part and ponytail bun. (but caps cover a multitude of hair sins).

Have a wonderful weekend darlings!



  1. Nice combo...not sure how practical an all white outfit is with a baby though ;) lol!
    Have you thought about trying a coloured apron?
    Your pic kinda reminds me of this image

  2. so beautiful! You and Anne look so epic/timeless in white.


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