Friday, September 14, 2012

Hobbit Bodice, Progress Is Made!

This little thing is coming together well! I was able to make some good progress yesterday afternoon. David was home earlier in the day than usual and the baby napped more than usual and the boys had new watercolors to paint with so. . .sewing time was achieved!

First, I traced the pattern pieces from last mock up onto brown paper. (I ALWAYS do this - I have learned the hard way to ALWAYS make paper copies of your last, nicely fitted mock up!)

Then I cut three layers for the interlining. The top layer is cut from a striped cotton pillow slip. The fabric is tightly woven and does not have much stretch so I thought it would be good to retain the shape of the pattern pieces. The middle layer is cotton batting and the bottom layer is a light cotton flannel.

The stripes on the fabric made great ready-made guides for quilting. I just stitched along the edges of each pink stripe, after first stitching the boning casing lines (one at each seam).

Instead of stitching the interlining and outer layer separately I decided to stitch them together as one layer. This way the outer layer won't shift over the interlining - it will be firmly attached at all the seam points. First, I had to decide whether or not to decorate the center front panel of the bodice. In the movie it seems a lot of  the hobbit bodices did have some sort of decorative trim on the center front panel. I decided to go with a very simple trim of some antique lace that was given to me by the lovely Natalie from A Frolic Through Time. The lace is a bit yellowed from age but I decided to just leave it that way instead of attempting to (gently) wash it. I think the "old" look of it adds to the overall Hobbity-ness.

I then laid the outer layers of fabric onto the interlining pieces and sewed the front bodice pieces together. The side bodice pieces are of dark blue wool (not quite as bright a blue as the photo makes it appear).

The seams are pressed open. After the boning is inserted into the interlining the lining will be sewn up separately and attached to the inside of the bodice. I'm still not sure what to use for lining. . .plain white linen? I have a lot of cheery bright green linen too. . .or maybe black polished cotton. . .(but that tends to bleed if it gets wet).



  1. Gaah, I can't stand it! I *so* want to make a hobbit outfit, but there's no time at all! Seeing our pretty one coming together don't help ;)

  2. I love the lace. It was an excellent choice. :)

  3. Off-white, something about the color of the lace? Or a sage green, to coordinate with the front panel?

    Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be pretty!

  4. Sarah,

    You amaze me. Your work is wonderful! Can't wait to see the finished product.


  5. Dear Sarah,

    Yes, that is hobbity lace: what a grand idea. Happy to see it on such a blithe project.

    Very best,


  6. Loving this Sarah! I too wish to make something hobbity :-)

  7. I think the yellowed lace works nicely for a hobbit-y look.


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