Thursday, September 20, 2012

Planning Second Breakfast

~ Apple Tart
~ Homemade Bread with Raspberry Jam
~ Cheese
~ Mushrooms and Sausage
~ Eggs (made to everyone's individual preferences)
~ Seed Cake (lemon poppyseed, since I know the children will eat it)
~ Pumpkin Pie (from our own pumpkins!)

Tea and coffee and milk should round things out quite nicely. I think we shall pass on the ale.

To top off our festivities, guess what? I found out that on the same day a nearby town will be hosting a festival that focuses on, among other magical worlds, Middle-Earth. (Narnia as well!) So we will be able to don our hobbity attire and have fun visiting with other like-minded people who enjoy the wonderful world of Tolkien. The only downside is that the festival takes place out of doors in the evening and the high is only supposed to be 60 degrees. Quite chilly, especially for little people. But I think we can manage costumes that will give a somewhat decent look, using items they have for 1860's reenacting. (short trousers, long sleeved dress shirts with rolled up sleeves, suspenders and woolen coats? That will work!) David will wear his regency breeches, shirt and waistcoat and either his green corderoy sack coat (similar in cut to some hobbit men's coats in LOTR) or his black wool frock coat.

Baby Girl looks darling in anything. But an undershirt and "jumper" (strapped petticoat from 1860's clothes) and a little coat (stripey red and white one) should keep her in appropriate look and a cap and big fluffy shawl to wrap her up in to keep night chills away will work beautifully.


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