Monday, September 24, 2012

Bilbo Baggins' Birthday Breakfast

It's hard to get my family to eat very early in the morning (they tend to get hungry around 9 a.m. or so), so I very rarely will make actual "breakfast", usually settling on serving a brunch type meal around 9:30 and then regular lunch around 12:30. Due to David's work schedule, we had our "breakfast" around 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Way past the proper time for breakfast, second breakfast or elevenses. But it was a good time for us since we were all very hungry by then and I think even our currently-picky 5 year old did hobbital appetite justice. 

I didn't end up making the pumpkin pie. I roasted the pumpkin for it but since I baked scones, "seed cake" and apple tart Saturday morning (plus roasting the pumpkin) I did not have time to get it done before we sat down to eat. Instead, I fried up a bowl of sliced potatoes. That was much more to David's liking anyway.

We set the table with my great-great-aunt's blue dishes and we all had tea, although Malachi refused to drink his, preferring lemonade. 

The consensus? We need to have a Bilbo Baggins' Breakfast annually and David has requested the same menu for Christmas morning. I won't argue with that.

Later that afternoon it was time to head out to the Magical Fall Festival. Since it gets dark so early now I did not get many pictures but here are some of the ones we did get. The festival was a blast and I can't wait for next year!

Merry and Pippin were two of the first people we saw!

And the handsome Boromir, who was portrayed by a gentleman from the SCA group.

Boromir and Lady Arwen.

I was delighted to meet one of the characters I most admire from the Narnian tales, Mr. Tumnus!

David visited with Queen Jadis and she kindly gave him a piece of Turkish Delight.

Here we are right before entering The Mines of Moria. Once we stepped behind this curtain we were instantly plunged into total darkness and tiny halls, having to feel our way with our hands as we groped along, only to discover dead ends and becoming very disoriented. Whispery, shivery words from Gollum hissed in our ears as we made our way out. 

Here are Peter and I, watching little David play "Toss the One Ring". 

And my handsome husband with our wee hobbit-babe. :)
I whipped up this new woolen and leather cap for David Saturday afternoon. He made a very tolerable (although tall) hobbit. I think I will make him a new shirt and waistcoat before the premiere of The Hobbit, more along the lines of the ones worn in the movie.

She was so good, sleeping for at least half of the time all bundled up in her shawl and blanket. She even tolerated a cap (oh my!). 

A few people asked me if I was carrying around a baby doll. I assured them that she was indeed a really real baby.

A wraith. 

Little David was the only one who agreed to getting his face painted. He desired a train, so the artists painted a train on one cheek and tracks on the other. He was over the moon with joy although after his face was painted he talked very oddly, not wanting to move his lips for fear of messing up the paint job. It was so funny.

Me and my baby. :)

I wish so much I had got more pictures of all the characters who were there and the different activities that went on but like I said, it got dark quite early and its hard to take photos one-handed while carrying around a babe that seems to get heavier and heavier as time goes on. The only downside to the festival was that the children (thankfully not the baby) and I were all horribly sick the next day with terrible colds. 

The next hobbit thing to look forward to is the premiere of The Hobbit! Woot! Exciting times. 



  1. You make a great hobbit! :) I love the hair. It's perfect.

  2. What a fun family! I loved everyone's outfits! Breakfast sounded great, thank you for sharing, what memories your children will have of these fun times!

  3. Dear Sarah,

    You all had a perfectly delicious day! The event sounds such fun: would that there were something like that here, because our boys would be over the moon about it.

    Baby looks scrumptious. What a face under that cap. Heavy or not, she must have been a joy to carry.

    Please tell us, what is that delicious mess of mushrooms that you had for breakfast? Like hobbits, I am mad for mushrooms, and the picture has made me very, very hungry indeed. Any hints?

    Very best,


  4. Thanks Natalie!

    We are very partial to mushrooms as well! For this dish, I just sauteed the sliced mushrooms in some melted better til they were tender, and mixed in a pound of cooked crumbled sausage. Next time I may cook some onions in with the mushrooms, per David's request.

    Yes, it was a fun event to take the children to. It is so wonderful to see their excitement at seeing "real" characters from the movies and stories they love. The Mines of Moria was quite a big hit in our household!

  5. Hi! Merry Christmas! I just found your blog looking around the web at Hobbit stuff. You make an adorable hobbit. I dressed as a hobbit at a Ren Faire last year.....I missed it this year but will definitely go back next year. Love that you celebrated Hobbit Day with a true Hobbit Meal!!


Thank you for your lovely thoughts!