Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Hobbit Bodice Progress. Almost There.

Bit by bit the bodice is getting there. As of today it is *almost* done. I just need to attach the lining and bind the thing off. Maybe it will be done by tomorrow? Maybe? Hopefully. I still have no clue what I will use for a lacing cord. Maybe I will have to fall back on my old stand-by; an extra long shoelace.

After my last update, I sewed the back bodice pieces to the front bodice pieces at the sides and shoulders. The side seams are piped with the same green fabric as the center front panel. Here is the bodice all sewn together and ready for boning:

I use cable ties for almost all of my boning needs. They are cheap, local and can be cut to any length. And they work brilliantly! Here is my pile of cable ties all snipped to the right size and ready for melting:

Melting, you say? Well, I have learned (the hard way) that snipping my cable ties leaves sharp edges. The sharp edges can scratch skin in sensitive places. It also tears through labor-intensive binding jobs and can be a cause of frustration and unladylike language. So now I melt the tips of the snipped ends just til they round out and soften:

And then once they harden up again, I have a smooth, rounded edge on my cable tie bone instead of a sharp pricky edge. (and it's cool to melt things in a candle flame. Yes. It is.)

Then they just slip right into the little boning channels and there is your boning job all nicely done.

The next thing to do was to slip stitch the seam allowances to the interlining. This keeps the seams nice and flat. Because there are so many layers in the seams they were really bulky until I finally just stitched them down. The stitches are large and sloppy but they do the job and no one will ever see them once the lining is in.

Next I sewed the eyelets. I finished the back edge by sewing on a narrow strip of fabric as a facing and then made the eyelets that will lace the bodice shut.

And after that, I cut the lining and sewed it together. I decided to use the rest of the old sheet I made one of the hobbit skirts from. It works quite nicely and is a very smooth and tight fabric, which will help prevent the bodice from stretching much when it is worn. Here it is all pinned in to the bodice:

The folded under edge of the lining at the center back covers the raw edge of the facing strip. This will make it easy to take out and replace the lining if that becomes necessary. (Since I won't be wearing this often I do not foresee the need to have a replacable lining, but one never knows.)

And here it is as of now! Binding can take kinda a long time. So, I hope to be able to finish the job tomorrow. If not, at least by Saturday, which is the day we will be having Second Breakfast since hubby will be able to be home with us to share in it. ;)



  1. Hi there! Love your blog. The bodice is gorgeous!
    When my daughter and I participated in 18th century living history we used a lucet to make cording for our stays, etc.

  2. I found this as I was searching for ideas to make my hobbit costume, and now I'm sewing along with you. :) Thanks for the inspiration ... I love, love, love your blog!


  3. melting the zipties?!:?! ZOMG! a fantasterific idea that i intend to use from now on


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