Saturday, March 2, 2019

Travelers Cape

Olord, I have finally finished the last of my outgoing projects for a while. I am thrilled to have nothing else due to send out til the end of the month so that means - I can make stuff for fun! :D I've had (mostly modern) fabric and project ideas piling up since the beginning of the year but haven't had the chance to start any of them til now. Right now I am most excited about finally being able to make WINGS! 😃 I'm printing off my pattern and getting started this afternoon! Yay!

I did squeeze in a quick project towards the end of January. Rosie had been asking for a cape like Anne's so I took an afternoon and made her one. 

While I had a lot of materials to choose from I decided to repurpose a cotton sweater I  had lying around. With careful layout of the pattern I had juuuuuust enough material to cut out each piece and match the striped design of the knit material. I had enough from the body of the sweater to cut out the body of the cape and used the sleeves to make the hood. 

The lining is what makes the cape fun and special, being a shimmery silver-and-gold polka dot material. It's rather thick, too, and adds stability to the outer layer, which has a tendency to want to droop. 

For Rose, I used the 3-5 year old size cut at the classic cape length and made the pixie style hood versus the round hood. I topstitched around the edges with some waxed green embroidery floss to add strength to the edge and some visual interest. To close it the cape I made a buttonhole and added a silver button. 

This came together so quickly that I made another cape in blue denim and lined with blue plaid cotton shirting, closed with a leather tab and button. While the blue cape was intended for Benjamin (who does wear it!) all 3 of the littlest take turns with it. I love seeing them all playing and running around with their capes on! 

I still haven't made my version of this cape but I will at some point. I just have way too many things I want to make and not nearly enough time!


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