Monday, March 18, 2019

Heart Blocks

I am sure you all have heard about the tragedy occurring this past weekend in Christchurch. It seems acts of violence targeted towards peaceful people gathering to worship is only increasing. This scares me and makes me hold my own little ones closer. Of all places where one should feel safe, a sacred place of worship certainly should be at the top of the list. My heart breaks for all who lost loved ones.
A facebook group I am in shared this post. I shared it on Facebook too, but as my page is private I am also sharing it here. This is such a positive project to get involved in and to show in some small way our love and light sending to our dear brothers and sisters across the world.

My blocks are so simple (I knew piecework would take me forever, so I did applique) but I treasure the time I spent on each one. May whoever ends up with these blocks know they are thought of and loved.

Much love,


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