Sunday, March 3, 2019

Luna Moth Wings

Wow, two posts within 24 hours! But I HAD to post these! 😍 These were a quicker sew than I anticipated, although they did take at least the six hours the pattern suggests as normal.

My applique leaves a lot to be desired but it works. :D

These are the Luna Moth wings, that I purchased as part of the Wings Bundle introductory sale back in October. I got all 3 styles of wings in all 3 sizes for only $18, which is an enormous savings! I haven't had a chance to work with the pattern until yesterday but I have been eagerly looking forward to this for months.

The straps thread through an anchor strap, and can be adjustable. 

This first set is for my 3 year old niece since I will be seeing my mom soon and wanted to have these done to give to her for our beautiful little lady. 😊 I will be making some more for Anne and Rosie. In fact, both girls already have their fabrics picked out and want their sets done to wear to our next full moon drum circle gathering later this month.

Don't you love her dress?! I found this second hand last summer
and it fits her so well this year. 

The pattern calls for 3 layers of heavy interfacing and a layer of thick batting to create the stiffness the wings need to sit prettily. Confession: I HATE interfacing. I don't like sewing it or turning things that are constructed with it but, undoubtedly, it does have its place. I did use 2 layers of interfacing on these things but omitted the third layer and the batting by using fusible foam. This made the wings fairly easy to turn right side out once the back was sewn to the quilted front, although now that they are completed the wings are a bit droopy. I plan to cut and cover two lengths of zip ties to hand stitch across the back of the wings, to give them the stiffness they need.

Rosie consented to model these for me (with the promise of helping me make a batch of rice krispy treats as reward) and I do like the size small on her. I worried these would be too small but I think they are just right for play, not too large to get in the way or be clumsy and big enough to look nicely proportioned. I do think the straps could be a tad longer to allow the wings to sit a bit lower on the back. The short straps would work really well for toddler age kids, but Rosie sadly is not a toddler anymore! 😭 My beautiful baby will be 4 next month.

I feel SO thrilled to have finally made these and love how they came out. I am part of the Twig&Tale facebook chat group and love seeing the versions everyone else makes. No two sets of wings are alike! These are a great canvas to imprint with your own personal artistic touch. I love this pattern!
Luna Moth wings by Twig & Tale

Much love,

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