Monday, April 4, 2016

Anne's 1860's Double Pink Gown

Anne finally decided that she had had enough of wearing her white dress from Easter over the course of last week. (thankfully, white is easily bleachable. Anne is not afraid to do anything in a dress.) Yesterday she donned her little drawers and hoop skirted undies and we hooked up the back of her dress. Yes, finally, six months after starting her undergarments, her dress is complete!

Judah decided to "dress up" too. I was pleased. Nothing gives recreated historic styles that realistic look quicker than being worn and lived in.

We spent the afternoon wandering a wooded trail and came across a little cemetery set into the hillside, accessible only by walking. 

There were only a few family names. Many with specific ages, several of little children. One little girl, Nancy Hartman, was just 1 year and 9 months when she passed on. It was quite sad. Her sister lived til 7 years of age, and a brother slept quietly on the other side of their parents. His age was not discernible as the stone had broken and had been set back into the ground, obscuring the place where his age was carved.

A bright little creek bubbled and tumbled over rocks, hugging the hill around the cemetery. We stumbled through some yellow flowers and found a little rocky beach where the children threw stones into the water and splashed with sticks. 

Anne wore Benjamins blue sunbonnet yesterday as I haven't had the opportunity to make her her own, yet. I think she has adopted this one. She was very unwilling to part with it when we got home and she changed into her nightdress. I suppose Benjamin will get a new bonnet or perhaps a hat - that is, if he is willing to keep anything at all on his head! 

It was a truly beautiful afternoon - spring is so lovely here! 
Yep, that is mud on the skirt, already!

I wanted to get a picture of just Anne's dress. She was upset that I made her put down her dolly and take off her bonnet but here are the best garment view pictures we got. I think the style suits her, plain though it be! 

She has a little bit of room for growing. With luck, this will last her til fall. Then someday, it will belong to Rose. 



  1. I am so glad I found your blog. this is adorable. It reminds me of the dresses that my mom made for me when I was younger and reenacted with my parents.

  2. Oh my, this is just too cute! What a lovely dress you made! And your little boy is sweet too! :)

  3. Adorable! The dress turned out beautifully, but I like the pictures of brother and sister together the best :)

  4. Your sewing is always beautiful. Its inspires me so much. You have 6 children & you are able to sew....YOU ARE AWESOME!


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