Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy birthday Ulysses Grant! And Rose!

My sweet Rose turned one year old last week. A year ago I had hoped to have a quick recovery following her birth. I planned to visit the Ulysses S. Grant birthplace on my way home from the hopsital, newborn daughter in tow, to enjoy some southern Ohio history and the fellowship of history-lovers as there was a birthday celebration there for our nations 18th president a few days after Rose was born. Instead, that day was spent in the hospital, and somewhere between puking my guts out, nursing a 4 lb infant with a vise-like latch and having another IV put in I vowed that next year I would go! 

And we did!
All my babies!

Ulysses S. Grant was born on April 27, 1822. He grew up in southern Ohio, just across the river from Kentucky, until he was sent to West Point at age 17. Following his graduation he enjoyed a semi successful military career and a string of failures in civilian life before finally achieving his most brilliant success as general during the Civil War. Elected in 1868, his presidency was fraught with scandals and sadly his later years were spent in financial struggle.

His birthplace, though, is serene, quiet and lovely and is located in a tiny town just a few hundred feet from the Ohio river. The little house in which he spent the first few years of his life was later taken around the country on a railroad car, after its most famous former occupant became president. It was later returned to Point Pleasant and is now a museum where the passer-by can enjoy a peek into the early life of Hiram Ulysses Grant. 

Photo courtesy of Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery
It was a very beautiful day to celebrate a birthday. The boys greatly enjoyed the artillery unit and the firing of the cannon. Rose cried after the first shot but was unalarmed after that. Benjamin ran gleefully all over the place and Anne contentedly carried about her basket, her baby and her own special tea cup and saucer that she had carefully packed beneath a lace trimmed handkerchief. 

Benjamin and Anne watch the crew get ready to fire the cannon

Up on the hill, at the Grant Memorial Church, the congregation opened their doors to the reenactors and the public and provided a wonderful lunch. 
Rose tries on her brothers hat! 

Afterwards we enjoyed sitting in the shade on the lawn and visiting before having to pack up later in the afternoon to whisk Malachi home for (yet another!) birthday party. 
Rose plays with Anne's saucer and dolly

I was very proud of how well behaved the kids were. I was a little nervous about taking all six of them out but the older boys were, for the most part, little gentlemen and helped so much in making sure their younger siblings did not stray too far. 

Malachi retrieves a wayward, laughing Benjamin

David has some sensory issues and gets very antsy with anything scratchy
or anything tight around his neck. We decided to use a loose neck cloth
and left his top button undone. He also didn't wear a coat (which is good, since I
didn't have time to finish his anyway!) since the day was so warm. He had a blast
and asked so many questions of the veteran reenactors who were present. He learned
a lot and I was so happy to see him take such an interest in this area of history.
Happy little Benji Boy

No nicely posed picture of the kidlets. But I think I like this one better than
a proper one, anyway!

Judah being silly

Irish twins! I have two 1-year olds for another week! 
Happy birthday dear little one!
I am really excited about doing more events this summer with the kiddos - they love it! Now, though, I plan to take at least a week break from sewing and relax, refocus and make new plans. It's not very long though before the next time out and there are always more things to be made!



  1. Woah, wait, where do you live now??? I live minutes from US 52 in IN. I've been to Grant's birthplace-it's less than an hour away from me.

    I can't believe how big all the kids are getting! Rose is adorable. Happy Birthday to both of your sweet babies. My Z turned 1 yesterday. I can't believe it's been a year already.

    1. Happy birthday to your baby! That first year goes by too fast, doesn't it?!

      I'm about a half hour from Grant's birthplace, quite close to the IN/KY border. It's such a great place for history here - I'm really enjoying seeing enthusiasm for someone besides Abraham Lincoln ;) (Illinois seems to think he was a god) We are so close! I had no idea you were so nearby!

  2. What a lovely group of children, they look picture perfect!

  3. You are such an awesome mom!! What a fun outing and Birthday "party"! Love it! All your babies look so beautiful/handsome in their outfits...I wish I could have been there just to see them all! I wish that I had known you lived so near to my Mother in Law...I would have stalked you the last time I was out there! Keep up the good work raising those fabulous blessings of yours!

  4. I admire you so much for keeping all your kids historically clothed! It takes me so long to make anything for my kids and they grow so quickly. Such great photos and it looks like a great place to visit!


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