Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Malachi's Green Plaid 1860's Play Suit

Malachi's outfit is done! He decided on a style over the weekend and on Sunday we made a pattern for the trousers and sewed them and on Tuesday we patterned and sewed the shirt. I finished hemming the sleeves today, made him a quick cap cut down from one of his great-grandfathers shirts and a tie of bright blue silk. 

This outfit is inspired by this image below: 

Malachi is very picky about his clothes. We looked through many, many, many cdv's and fashion plates before he saw a style he liked. Then, when I was making the trousers, he had second thoughts about wearing "puffy pants". He was really  happy when everything was finished and he could try it on, though!

But he still finds the puffy pants amusing. 

The fabric is a heavier cotton and the trousers and shirt are unlined. The shirt is simply trimmed with a bias band of self fabric and a row of silver buttons. 

The trousers are cut very much like a womans drawers, with a shaped yoke at the waist. They open at each hip and I put pockets into the side plackets, since Malachi needs pockets.

Underneath he is wearing a plain white shirt. On hot days I suppose he can take off the outer shirt and just wear the white shirt and trousers. 

I really enjoyed making this! It's the first pattern I've made for a while and it was a fun process, from the mock up to the finishing. Totally fun. 

Since I have a little time I am working on redoing Rose's white dress since it still does (though barely) fit around her little bulgy belly. By moving over the buttons a bit it will work, and I took up the length of the skirt to shorten it from a long dress to a toddler dress. I'm adding a little bit of trim to the bodice to fancify the look somewhat, since she will be wearing it the day after her 1st birthday!




  1. Fab, as usual :) Love it that he takes such a personal interest in his outfits, and that you cater to it.

  2. Your blog is so inspiring. Whilst I don't have kids of my own, I enjoy the memories it brings back from my days as a child reenacting with my parents and brother.

  3. Love, love, love the puffy pants outfit! Your son lookes adorable. He sid a great job picking the style of his outfit, it looks like it suits him well :)

  4. Malachi looks very handsome and well dressed, the style looks perfect for him- good job picking it, Malachi!

  5. Oh what a fun outfit! I am loving the puffy pants...tell him my fencing pants are the same, so we are in good company and I am loving the color he chose! He will look dashing at his next event!

  6. Sarah,you have outdone yourself. WOW!! Tell Malachi his outfit is GREAT! The pictures are awesome.

  7. The picture of him with a cheeky smile and pulling out the puffy pants made me laugh! Congratulations on yet another amazing work of textile art!

  8. Good choice all the way around, looks the same as the fashion plate, perfect!


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