Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #9 ~ Brown

I did it! I finished my dress in time for the Historical Sew Monthly challenge #9. The dress was completed earlier this month but I didn't get a chance to take pictures until today. So, I present to you, my entry for "Brown".

What the item is:

This is a basic 1860's style day dress, made in a less dressy fabric and suitable for daily wear/work. It has a tucked bodice, pleated skirt with gauged back section and one piece coat sleeves.

The Challenge: 

Brown. The fabric is pink with brown stripes. 


Striped cotton for the main fabric and white cotton for the bodice lining. For the hem facing, a cotton print in red and white. 


My own. The bodice is draped, the sleeves are drafted and the skirts are 4 rectangular panels.




Hook and eyes. Cotton cord for piping at the neck, armscyes and waistband.

How historically accurate is it?

Very. I used the machine for some parts but the areas that would have been stitched by hand in the 1860's are stitched by hand here. (Setting the skirts, sewing down the facings, attaching the hook and eyes, etc.)

Hours to complete:

I really don't know. Maybe 12.

First worn:

Today, for pictures. 

Total cost: $25 or so for the fabrics. 


  1. I love it! It looks great. The stripes are really nice.

  2. I am always astonished at the time it takes you to complete one of these lovely outfits! This one is fabulous! I love the stripes and the color of the stripes! Very well done!


Thank you for your lovely thoughts!