Monday, October 5, 2015

Rose's White Baby Gown

Along with the chemises and drawers for her and the older babies, there was enough of my garage sale cotton sheet left to make Rose a baby gown. (And there is still some of that fabric left. Honestly that's the best buck I've spent for quite a while!)

It is made in the common style of the era with sleeves set in raglan style. Easy, comfortable and quick. With machine sewing most of it but hand sewing the hems and buttonholes and facings this dress took four hours to make, tops. 

The skirt is long enough to go past her little feet but not terribly long, since she is an older infant and would soon be in shortened dresses. If this dress still fits her next spring (it may, since I made it large) I can take up the length in tucks so she can wear it as she toddles around. 

It has one button at the top of the bodice back and one at the waist. 

She loved wearing it since she is at that age where every thing has to be grabbed and tasted. Skirts to grab! Yay! Skirts to stuff in her mouth! (and yes, she was entranced by the weeds that she could grab and taste and objected passionately when I removed her from their vicinity.) 

For these pictures, though, she wasn't all that happy since she had just woken up. Check out that face. . .haha. ;)

The little cap was one that her brother Malachi had worn in his infancy. It was a tad small for her round little head but I can make another one like it whenever I have a few spare moments. 

Yay, a smile!!

Another unenthusiastic face. :) 

Pretty blue eyes.


  1. Adorable, I love the look of babies in long gowns <3

  2. Oh how darling is that baby Rose!! Love the gown and the pics of you with her! Lovely!

  3. Her expression adorable! The gown is perfect.
    If it was me with children and not a lot of time left for sewing, I'd take either some fabric that is similar, maybe add a few tucks and attach it to the cap or even maybe some lace or broderie anglaise if it's historically appropriate.

  4. Little Rose is a rose, so lovely!




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