Friday, September 4, 2015

Sewing a Regency Gown

The week has flown by and I am shocked to realize that yes, it is Friday already. The week has been full of school meetings, doctor appointments, mowing the grass, work and the business of everyday life. This week I have been sewing up a new dress for the shop and am very close to finishing it. That is my project for this afternoon. 

This style of dress is transitioning from the columnar styles of earlier years into the fussier gowns of the 1820's. I made the bodice a low V crossover with ruched trim and the sleeves are quite full and long. The skirt is A line in shape and is decorated at the hem with a wide
 ruched band of fabric, and the bodice closes at the back. 

I like this style quite a lot. This particular one always brings me back to my very early forays into historic clothing. Even before I was introduced to Civil War reenacting back in 1998, I fell in love with Lincolns New Salem Historic Site when, shortly after our move from the east coast, my dad took all of us there for a 4th of July. Over the years I went back many times and took the volunteer course, which immersed me deeply into the history of that particular time and place and gave many clues as the attire of the citizens of the town. Which were, mostly, similar in style to the dress I'm making now. 

Ah! Fond memories. New Salem will always be dear to me and this style of dress will be my particular favorite. 

I truly appreciate the effort of historians and volunteers to maintain historic sites like these. Having just heard (yet again) that because of the dismal state of the Illinois budget that most museums are due to close I am half sad, half furious. Mostly resentful of the carelessness that the state has exhibited in the distribution of its monies that has resulted in the closure of many state historic sites over the years. I wish there was something I could do to help keep these places open! I feel pretty helpless and that feeling fuels my anger at the current state of things.

I dream of the days when I will be more free to do something - mainly volunteer! Now, with six children to raise, my ability to do much beyond taking care of them is limited. But I am happy to realize that while I do have these years with them I can teach them to respect and appreciate the unique history of areas they know and love and perhaps instill in them a desire to keep that flame burning when they are older. 

 And for no reason at all, here's some silly pictures of my little girlie. She is so sweet! Oh little baby girl, there aren't enough minutes in the coming years to tell you all I want to tell you and to show you all I want you to know. 

May you all have a very joyous holiday weekend!


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