Monday, September 28, 2015

Anne's Stays and Hooped Petticoat

Anne wasn't that enthusiastic about her chemise or drawers, but once I had her stays fairly started and kept calling her down for fittings she became more interested. And when she tried on her tiny hoop, she was hooked. "Look at me twirling!"

I really hate making toddler/child stays but did so for the simple reason that it does extend wearability. Because stays make the waistline adjustable. The skirts button to the stays and you can place the buttons a little higher or a little lower as needed.

So I made these a bit on the long side. I can move the buttons downwards about an inch if I have to next spring and coupled with the slightly-on-the-long-side-already length, I hope the stays will work for her most of next year.

They are minimally corded with a buttoned back and buttoned straps. The straps can be lengthened too by moving the buttons downwards as needed.

The hoop is so simple. Just two 1/2" steels sewn into the hem and a tuck of a plain petticoat. It's a modified version of my own hooped petticoat, which is copied from an original depicted in Costume in Detail, that has five 1/2" steels sewn into tucks towards the bottom of the skirt. Since she is so little she does not need five steels and I think two will work nicely, with a full petticoat or two on top.

I made the waistband out of plain white cotton and it buttons to the edge of the stays with six buttonholes. That's it! So easy.

Of course, shortly after taking these pictures she decided to take a spoon and splash in a skillet of cooking oil so, already, these have had to be washed. . .thankfully cotton washes up pretty easily! I'm sure these will have plenty of stains and wear and tear by the time she outgrows them. But hopefully they will still be in good enough shape to pass down to Rose.

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  1. That is so sweet, both girl and undies! Beautiful sewing as always.


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