Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scalloped Baby Dress - Done!

Yay! It's done! I finished it yesterday. I did realize after I sewed the band on that the original has the band attached much more closely to the hem. . .sigh.
The scallops ended up taking only about an hour and a half to do. Not as bad as I thought. For some reason this picture is pretty washed out - the first picture is closest to the real color of the fabric. Now, I'm preparing myself for the inevitable reality that the first time Malachi wears this, within the first half hour, he will spill something on it or fall into a mud puddle.




  1. If so, it'll be the most beautiful muddy little pink dress anyone ever saw!

    Something tells me that your little one in his dress with mud on him will be even cuter than without the mud...because he's a child and only children look cute muddy! It's the epitome of childhood...the freedom to jump in puddles and wallow in a sandbox.

  2. Awwww....but it's GORgeous. :) Absolutely lovely work! Thank goodness for OxyClean, though, or I'd have stains on EVERYTHING.

  3. Even if it gets muddy, it shows that it is used :) He will have a great time wearing it, because his mommy made it for him.

    I don't use Oxyclean, but I do use baking soda and vinegar...depending on the stain.


  4. I surprised myself considerably: when I entered your blog a while ago and saw the dress, I did a very loud and very excited "Woo!" sound.
    I think I don't need to say more about my feelings about it...
    But yet: The scallops are very lovely indeed!

  5. It's absolutely *darling*! Beautiful work, once again!

    Kayla :-)

  6. That truly is darling! He will be the hit of your next event!!!

    Karen (the Mrs.)

  7. It's beautiful, Sarah! The scallops really "make" the dress. And muddy or not, Malachi will look adorable!

  8. Beautiful, as always! Really, really pretty! And what is a childhood whithout getting muddy once in a while?

  9. It is a very nice looking dress!! If he gets it muddy it will be period! LOL!
    Faith G.


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