Sunday, June 20, 2010

1860's Crossover Dress - Finished!

After dragging the construction of this dress out for an insane amount of time, I can now say, it is done. I kept adding to this dress. I will not add to it anymore.

I enjoyed making the variation of the crossover style bodice, and the nice V-neck is cool for hot weather. I had the opportunity to wear this dress for the first time today and although I speculated that some stain or spillage catastrophe would befall it, I escaped with merely a few mud smears, banana mash, and strawberry milkshake sopped into my right sleeve. Oh, and a lot of sweat. It was hot today.

David took these be-mud-smeared, be-banana-mashed and be-strawberry-milkshake-sopped pictures when we got home. Thus the strained and wilted look of all of them. Did I mention it was hot today?

I also finally finished my bonnet so I could wear it with my dress. I actually ended up wearing the bonnet very little. I have decided that I am really not a fashion bonnet girl. I like how they look but I feel so very over done when wearing a fashion bonnet. I am much more comfortable in sunbonnets.

We had a lovely time at the reeanctment despite the heat. I hope to do a full post on it tomorrow! In the meantime, my dress is done! I keep telling myself no more 1860's dresses - this makes #7 for my current wardrobe - but sadly I fell away into temptation and bought 10 yards of a pink printed cotton fabric over the weekend. I couldn't help myself. It was only about $4 for all of it at the thrift shop. I also have a dress length of a lovely cotton in fall colors that I have been meaning to make up since last fall and another length of blue and white cotton for a wrapper. I think I need to start wearing 1860's styles for everyday to have excuse to make more dresses. :)

I have been out of the mood for reeancting for so long, my passion is coming back with a vengeance!

Stay cool dear ones!



  1. I love the dress and bonnet so much! :)
    Amazing work as always! :)
    Love you my dear friend :)

  2. It is beautiful, Sarah! And, as always, it looks perfect on you.

  3. That's lovely, Sarah! You look gorgeous!

  4. That dress is lovely, and the bonnet - soooo pretty! Very well done indeed. I can agree with the "overdone" feeling though - I usually make clothes from the working class or lower middle class, as I feel most comfortable there.

  5. I don't feel you look 'overdone' at all. Your look is very pretty, but it is tasteful and restrained. And I'd have never guessed from these photos that you were wilting from the heat, because you look fabulous! And anytime you find good period correct fabric in dress yardage for $4.00 total, you'd have to be silly to pass it up!

  6. Your dress is BEAUTIFUL, and so is your bonnet! You look lovely!

  7. It was very warm, wasn't it! I was definately wilting. Your dress looked absolutely stunning and I didn't notice a single stain. Plaids are good at hiding :)

    Personally, I love the bonnet look. It's not overdone at all. I think they're elegant.

  8. oh my
    you look absolutely stunning! That dress is wonderful and the bonnet is so nice. I can imagine how much cooler that little v neck actually is . . . so nice!
    and you can not pass up 10 yards for $4!!

  9. You look beautiful! I like the bonnet on you, and the dress is lovely!

  10. The bonnet looks good with the ruffle and ooh, I think the dress goes together with your eyes so well! It everything looks really lovely.

  11. Wow! This dress really makes your lovely blue eyes pop! Bravo!


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