Thursday, June 10, 2010

Round #1 - Short Sleeve Tunics

I know I'm posting far more often than usual this week, but, well, blogging in the morning helps give me a break from the sewing I have been rushing to get done. :)

Today I want to share my spur-of-the-moment sewing project from yesterday; tunics for David and Judah.
I made them both long sleeve, loose, roomy tunics earlier this year, intending to have them wear them all season. However, we are off to a reenactment this weekend and the forecast is for thunderstorms and hot temperatures (though all week, the forecasted temp has steadily dropped) and I decided to make them short sleeve tunics. I had an extra day to sew- so why not?
I wanted to make these tunics in plaid, like the image below, but wasn't sure exactly how to go about making a bias plaid tunic so I made these in a printed cotton instead. I tried a new tunic style this time. Instead of my usual A-line tunics, these have seperate bodice and skirt portions sewn to a waistband. I was inspired by the images of this darling little tunic found on eBay last month and posted about over at The Sewing Academy:
I did shorten the sleeves on my tunics some. Of course, my material is not sheer so you cannot see the tucks like you can on the original. Really, the tucks were a waste of time since due to the print of the fabric you cannot even really tell that they are there.

Judah posed for some pictures last night. He is wearing modern shorts beneath the tunic but the tunic skirts cover them so it appears he is wearing nothing beneath! Actually, when David first saw Judah in this tunic he asked me why I had made him a dress!
For some reason Judah reminds me of a Jedi in this picture.
Sarah: "Judah, say "The force be with you."

Judah, proudly: "The fork beneath you!"

The bias tunics are in the works but won't get done for this weekend. Hopefully for the weekend-after-next, though.




  1. I disagree - you *can* see the tucks, and it looks very nice on the youngling (speaking of jedis). It won't look like a dress once he have the rest of his PC clothes on.

  2. Cute, cute, CUTE! What an inspiration you are to get sewing again. Without a sewing machine I'll get to hone my had sewing skills some more! :-) The tunics look great, I'll put Asa in tunics before he's potty trained, I'm thinking when he's one-ish, I can't wait!

  3. I love it! The "fork beneath you" LOL!

    Hey, did you get my last email? I hope I sent it to the right address. Let me know if you didn't and I'll try the other address :-)


  4. What a cute tunic!
    Lol "the fork beneath you" SO cute!

  5. on my goodness, you have been more busy sewing than I can imagine! The pink dress is so darling - he will look just like a sweet little angel. The sleeves are great!
    And the tunics - so fun too. You have been very busy and I am happy for you. I can not wait to see the pictures you post next week about your reenacting weekend!
    I love the corset, I have a few questions about the fit of mine. I will bother you next week about that.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Very cute! You can see the tucks and they look nice. You are so creative!!
    Faith G.

  7. The fork beneath you! :D

    It's lovely, and yes, the tucks ARE seen, and somehow he does look rather like a Jedi. Jedi knights in prints, what a pretty concept! :D
    I'm afraid I'm unable to write anything sensible after "the fork beneath you". So I'll end here.


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