Saturday, May 2, 2009

Victorian Ball Gown Bodice

In the spare time I have had the last few days I finally finished up the bodice that goes to this skirt. I still need to make the undersleeves (a very sheer off-white tulle) and attach the skirt, but otherwise it is pretty much done! I hope the lady likes it. It was an enjoyable although challenging gown to make!
The sleeve overlaps itself towards the top of the off-the-shoulder bodice, creating a petal effect. With the airy undersleeve below I think this will be quite feminine, indeed. Now I'm wanting a ball gown of my own! I keep telling myself to wait though. I hope to loose some more weight before investing time and money into a silk ball gown and I can't really nurse in a ballgown bodice this reenacting season, anyway. Malachi seems determined to nurse at every moment he can induce me to sit down. No three hour spans of time in the evening to steal away for dancing in a back opening dress!I can still plan and sketch designs and research! Thankfully those occupations don't need time to slim down and no money for purchase! :)

Have a lovely weekend!




  1. That is breathtaking, Sarah!

  2. How beautiful! Oh my, I so need to sew!!!! I've just GOT to carve out some time!

  3. Very beautiful!!! Good job!

  4. Georgeous gown.
    Job well done.
    God Bless.

  5. Somehow I missed something ... are you *selling* that?! It is absolutely gorgeous, Sarah! Wow, I'm impressed. =)

  6. Wow, that is so beautiful, the details are gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful, Sarah! You have such an amazing ability to sew! You have me wishing to leave further East where there are so many re-enactments and to have my husband be willing to dress and dance with me. Ho-hum…. ;)

  8. Thanks! :) I can't take any credit for the fabric or trim or design though - the dear lady I'm making it for picked it all out and all I had to do was to sew it! :)

    Zebu, as far as comments about my boys being girls, it is hard to pick an exact response. Sometimes, if I'm just passing by and someone calls out "you have lovely daughters!" I let it pass without saying anything. If someone approaches me about my "girls" I will say something like "Oh, these are my boys. I will keep them in skirts until they are potty trained, then they will wear short trousers." Sometimes people I have explained to that my boys ARE boys still persist in calling them girls. I don't know why. . .especially at the Lincoln event when Malachi was 4 weeks old no matter how clearly I explained to a certain person that he was a boy, she kept telling me what a "beautiful little girl" he was! :)

  9. That is stunning! When I first glanced at it, I actually thought it was an original and there was no way it was a repro! Awesome job!

  10. Wow, I love that! I'd love to see a pic with the skirt and bodice together. Maybe your client will be willing to send you the photo of the completed ensemble. Lovely!!

  11. Yet another gorgeous creation! Wow! Your client may have done the selecting of materials, but you have put in so much effort - and the result it stunning!!!

    Your story about people calling your sons girls makes me laugh. Very strange though, that people won't believe you - as if you'd make up such an elaborate story! lol

    Kayla :-)

  12. dear Sarah,
    Oh my. The trim is airy, the whole effect is airy. We cannot wait to see the full result! I am sure your client will be very happy.

    As for boys in "girls'" dress, here's a thought: explain that in times past, dresses were a whole lot easier to keep clean, due to the old-fashioned diapers. Think how much easier it is to pull up a skirt to change a boy than it would to fiddle with a million buttons and/or multiple straps and strings. No snaps back then, and I can't remember when safety pins came in, but perhaps none of those either on the diapers. Bulky and messy. They were being practical!

    Very best,
    Natalie in Kentucky


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