Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Petticoats for Judah

It has rained the past three days and is too wet to plant the garden. I have been stitching up Judah's undergarments and have been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all I have to get done by next Friday.

Well, at least what I want to have done. Our event is just a one day school event so all that really needs to be done is one outfit apiece for the boys. But very soon after that we have a full weekend event and I'd rather just get everything done at once.

It is taking me a little time to get these done. I decided to upgrade from petti chemises to true shirts and petticoats for the little boys this year. It seems that petti chemises are rather over represented, based on information from the Sewing Academy, so I thought I'd give these undergarments a try. Last year I had two sets of undies apiece for the boys and I realized that I really did need three. They got sooo dirty!

I have three children now, too, so that is quite a bit of undergament making. At least all that little David really needs is drawers. Those are easy.

Anyway, the most time consuming part is done. I'm not putting tucks in Malachi's petticoats since when he is older and I shorten him I will put tucks in his petticoats at that time. The tucks do take a while. But, they are worth it since Judah's dress skirt does stand out so nicely now!

He has three of these little bodiced petticoats, with thin straps to go over his shoulders. I was going to make just two of them with two button petticoats but at the very last minute decided to make the three bodiced petticoats.

And this waist petticoat which will soon have buttonholes to button to buttons (yet to be sewn) on the bodiced petticoats. Each day he will have a fresh bodiced petticoat to wear. The extra petticoat will add extra fullness to his skirts and if by chance it gets dirty or wet or unusable, he at least will have the one fresh bodiced petticoat to wear beneath his dress.

He loves the petticoats. I have never seen a small child go so wild when put into skirts. He takes on a whole new personality. He thinks he is quite something, I believe! He was fascinated while he watched me sew them. He knew they were his. How he knew, I do not know.

Now to go get Malachi's petticoats stitched and drawers cut out. And then shirts! And after that, I will finally get to start on little David's clothing. I am SO looking forward to that! I feel I have quite neglected my oldest little guy as far as sewing goes this year.




  1. Sarah, You must be wonder-woman!! All the sewing you are able to complete in addition to every day (modern-day!) life is amazing, and puts me to horrible shame. (Not that I'm truly comparing!) But you do inspire me.
    These little garments are too precious, and your boys have an incredibly dedicated mama.

    Have a lovely day with your sweet babies,
    Kayla :-)

  2. Sarah, those are so perfectly done. You are a treasure of a mama.

  3. I must agree with the previous 2 posters! I am in search of a particular style baby chemise that I want to sew for our newest addition but I haven't found a pattern yet. And then onto the gowns!!! It's exciting to sew for little people. ;-)


  4. I've been meaning to ask, do your little boys wear historical dresses every day, or only to renacting events? Your historical creations are so lovely, I wasn't sure.


  5. I also am amazed at all you get done....I am having trouble just sewing up a simple little vintage dress on the machine.
    Oh well, at least I can look at all of your beautiful creations!

  6. You are so talented. I'm excited to pictures of the boys in their outfits. Have fun at your event :-)

  7. Nice work! I don't blame you for feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the sewing to do for an ever expanding family. They look lovely! Have a great time at your event!

  8. Beautiful sewing you accomplish.

  9. Thank you so much for your kind words! I have been discouraged this week thinking of all I have to get done and have been indulging in Self Pity. I wish at times there were two of me. One to do the housework and cuddle the babies and the other to be firmly situated all day long in the sewing room! I have been falling into staring at my fabric and imagining what the different garments will look like when done, rather than actually taking the initiative to just DO the sewing! :)

    Jenny, no, the boys wear modern clothes most of the time! :) (that is, when they will consent to leave many clothes on at all. . .) :) Once in a while we'll dress up in our old fashioned attire to go grocery shopping or to church and that is always fun! Otherwise they just wear these for Civil War reenactments!

  10. Hope this didn't post twice; my computer just went down. :/

    Beautiful, Sarah! You have such an amazing ability to sew! You have me wishing to leave further East where there are so many re-enactments and to have my husband be willing to dress and dance with me. Ho-hum…. ;)

    Oh, when you get those comments (think you mentioned this before) about the boys in regards to them looking like girls, how do you respond to the people?

  11. Oh, goodness, I hope he outgrows his love for skirts. :-)

  12. Dear Sarah,
    I do hope you'll post photographs of the boys in their outfits. The pieces themselves look lovely.

    Very best,
    Natalie in Kentucky
    who finally had a bit of time to work on a bodice today!

  13. I really like the dresses and under garments made for your boys!

    I made a toddler dress last week and need to make under garments.
    So much sewing to do so little time to do it.
    Faith G.


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