Thursday, May 28, 2009

David's New Tunic

Taking a break from the almost-last-day sewing marathon that I inevitably go through prior to a "big event". David and I are attending a fundraising ball this Saturday and he desperately desired his new dress uniform to wear. I told him I wouldn't rush myself (since last time I did it resulted in my having to take apart and redo his uniform frock three times) but I could tell that he really wanted it to wear and, because I love him, I am going through this sewing marathon.

Tonight will be a Late Night. I am not a Night Person. I like to be in bed at this time and usually am sleeping by now. But I have a nice big cup of hot spiced Chai tea and David is going to pop in David Copperfield to keep us company while I finish up this frock coat. Just the buttonholes and hem to do. I will place the epaulettes tomorrow. I am pleased with how smoothly it has gone together. I am forever grateful to Mr. Jim Ruley who drafted the pattern for this frock coat. It has been a dream to work with. The only thing I had trouble with was the tail pockets and I think I finally got them figured out. At any rate, they are now securely sewn in and covered with the skirt lining so they can't be seen, anyway.

I wanted to share a few pictures of my little David in his new tunic, made for him by the lovely Mrs. G. of Pastoral Symphony Farm. Isn't it darling?! He loves the trimming on the belt and every time I put it on him he runs his fingers over it. I think he likes red, very much.
He is rather difficult to photograph since he either wishes to touch the lens of the camera with his finger or else he runs from me while I run after, attempting to catch him unawares if he might turn around. I finally got the front view of him while he stood upon the shoe wipe mat on the back porch steps. He has a current fascination with mats. He likes to pick them up and move them and then stand upon them. This one is always in a different place than where it was last seen as a result. Here he has moved the mat to the door on the side of the house. It leads into the boys room but we do not use it and a big shelf is set across the door where they keep their toys.
Ah yes, of course, the fascinating properties of Peeling Paint. It's a good thing we don't use this door. By David's expression though, I think he does not have a very high opinion of it. Yes, his hands were well washed after this. We take no chances with lead.

And finally, on the front porch. Note poor Judah in the background at the door, very upset because he is not outside with us. Sorry about chopping his head off, but I thought the colors were so brilliant in this photo!

A huge thank you to Mrs. G. for her beautiful work. A little boy is quite happy with his new clothes!




  1. The tunic is adorable and so is the wearer. You have the cutest kids!

  2. Darling! I love the big pictures! It helps to see all the details!


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