Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apron Winner ~

The handy random number generator picked #4, making Racheal the winner of the apron! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I only wish I had one of these aprons to send to each of you! I need to do giveaways more often! Racheal, please email me at david_sarahmeister at mchsi dot com to let me know where to send the apron!

Today I passed from twenty-two to twenty-three, and am now the delighted owner of my very first teacup and saucer. Or, at least, a real teacup and saucer. I had tiny teasets as a little girl. But this is a grown up one. :) I cannot wait to use it! It will make tea-drinking so much more elegant than the blue mugs I am accusomted to.
In some ways it is sobering to be twenty-three already. It seems so terribly old. Yet, it is exciting to look towards the future and to wonder how God will work out the threads of my life. It will be bittersweet to watch my babies grow bigger and become more independent. It will be wonderful if God blesses our family with any new sweet bundles as the coming years go by. It is fun to ponder on the possibilities. Yet, for now, I am content to live in the moment and to reflect on the past twenty-three years of my life. I have been so incredibly blessed by wonderful parents, wonderful siblings, a wonderful husband and wonderful babies - and wonderful friends!

God bless you all!




  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah! And 23 isn't very old at all! That was a favorite age of mine 2 years ago. =)

    And what a beautiful tea cup! I hope it will be a first of a growing collection. =)

  2. Happy birthday, Sarah! This is a very nice and thankful post. It’s wonderful that you so appreciate those who are close to you.

    It’s funny how age is relevant. My daughter felt old when she turned 24 last year, I feel too old, (though not old) at 46, my husband feels old at almost 52, and my dad really feels old at 65. I think that our mind stays younger than our body, so it’s really hard sometimes to accept the chronological age that we are.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

    When I was a little girl, I use to think that I'd be all grown up at 25 and that was old. When 25 came and went, it was odd at how it didn't seem so old at all.

    23 is a lovely age. God Bless you. May this be a wonderful year for you. What a unique person you are with great value.

    Your cup and saucer are delicate beauties. So pretty.


  4. Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope it is a blessed day.

  5. I am delighted to see you enter the world of delicate tea cups. It is a favorite collection of mine!
    Happy Birthday

  6. Happy belated birthday Sarah! 23 is a good age ;-) :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah! 23 isn't old! Hope it was great! Love the tea cup and saucer!

    Faith G.

  8. Happy birthday Sarah! Enjoy these days, for they go by fast. May the years to come bring you many more joys, chubby new babies, and mountains of love!

  9. Happy Birthday Sarah!!!! May it be a very blessed day :-)

    Lots of love,

  10. Happy Birthday! I've given you an award for your blog!

  11. What a lovely tea cup and saucer. It makes one feel more adult sipping a nice hot cup of tea out of a tea cup, for some reason the tea even tastes better. . I love when a person has all different unmatched cups and saucers. JUST BE CAREFUL..... they become an addition, first you will see another one you like and then buy it or one will be given to you as a gift. Then of couse you will need a teapot and after that who can forget a cute tea cozy to keep the pot of tea warm. Before you know it there has been a monster that took over. Believe me I know this from experience. For a first tea cup and saucer roses trimmed in gold couldn't be more perfect.


  12. Happy Birthday Sarah!!

  13. Happy birthday! And what a lovely birthday gift -- I've been longing for delicate teacups myself. Do you use loose-leaf tea or tea bags?

  14. Happy Birthday Sarah :)

    May Our Lord continue to bless you and yours!


    lady m


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