Thursday, August 27, 2020

School Week

And, as of today, all the kids are back in school!

David started 7th grade on Monday morning. Over the summer his school moved location. Last week his teacher sent him a YouTube video tour of the new school and a step-by-step explanation of what he could expect his day to be like when school resumed. This was done instead of an in-person open house and David really liked knowing what his day would be like. So far he has really enjoyed school, seeing his friends, having the same teacher as he did last year and getting used to the new building! The former building was a 1920s highschool and although it was beautiful and historic, it was also expensive to maintain and there was no air conditioning. David loves having a temperature controlled environment now and no enormous fans to deal with in his classroom! He and his classmates stay in the same room all day, have their meals brought to them, and a few teachers rotate through to teach the different subjects. Staff wears masks and the students are encouraged to. David has chosen to wear a mask each day since he gets candy at the end of the day if he does. 

Judah and Malachi started yesterday, both at the Middle School! Being in 7th grade, this is Judah's second year there. Malachi is in 6th, and he was a little nervous since this is a completely new school for him with new staff to get used. Malachi did most of 5th grade from home, via the Ohio Virtual Academy. He decided almost last minute that he wanted to return to the local school this year so I am thankful that they could squeeze him in! I went with him to open house last week and he was happy to see his friend Glenn there from last year. Glenn and Malachi were so excited to see each other and I walked with them to the different rooms, helped Malachi figure out how to work his locker combination, and met his teachers. Judah and Malachi went to different bus stops yesterday and I walked with Malachi to his. I didn't realize that his is kind of a no-no. 😂 I guess once kids reach middle school age they don't want their mom waving goodbye as they leave in the bus. This morning Malachi went with Judah to the bus and I was able to watch them from the front yard, without danger of embarrassing them with my presence. Because of Covid-19, this year the students are required to wear a face covering at school and on the bus. At lunch, there are no self serve foods and each student is required to bring their own water bottle to fill up since the drinking fountains are turned off. Other than that, they reported to me yesterday that school seems pretty normal!

Benjamin and Anne also started yesterday. Anne is in 3rd grade this year and Benjamin is a seasoned student now in 1st grade! They are also required to wear face coverings on the bus and in the school, although they can take them off for "mask breaks" when they are socially distanced from other students and do not have to wear them when they are eating or in gym or having recess. Anne and Benjamin did great and although Benjamin sat with Anne on the bus on the way to school, he informed me that on the way home he sat by a little girl from his class "I don't know her name, Mom, but she's really cute!" 😂

And today little Rosie started kindergarten! She was in the 2nd group of kindergartners to start, as they have decided to implement a staggered kindergarten first day this year. The first group started yesterday! Rosie and her friend Joshua both started today. It was fun having her for one last day yesterday; we went to Goodwill, got some groceries and stopped at McDonalds for one last hurrah. This morning we did her hair, picked out a cute outfit (the adorable dress is from Grandma Pam!) and she dashed out the door with Anne, excited to start her first day of school! Her teacher is the same one that Benjamin had last year and we were able to meet her and see the classroom last week at open house. 

Here they are waiting for the bus! Yes, Rosie's hair is quite a bit shorter. I told her I was going to trim her dead ends before school started and she. . .decided to help me, by chopping off a good eight inches of hair around the front and sides. She has a long bob now and bangs. 

They all gave me a hug and kiss goodbye and Anne held Rosie's hand as she boarded the bus. I choked up but was determined to not let them see me cry. As the bus pulled away all 3 of them waved and pressed their faces against the windows, so, they were off! I can't wait to hear all about Rosie's first day when she comes home!

For the first time in almost 14 years I no longer have a preschool child at home! It has been a wonderful, crazy, intense chapter but I am so excited as we begin the next. 

Much love,


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  1. Dear Sarah,
    Such big times. Reading about Rosie boarding the bus gave me a frog in the throat. How I remember that day with the twins. Such an ache. Now they're in eighth grade and a parent is persona non grata when they start their Zoom classes. We have school at home for at least a bit. Personally, I enjoy having them at home; it's generally cozy, unless I am worried that they're goofing off :)

    Very best to all,

    Natalie in KY


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