Thursday, August 20, 2020

Masks for Back to School

I've said it before but I will say it again, because I think it is important: If anyone reading this needs a mask for themselves or a family member, let me know and I will make one for you and mail it to you at no cost. Masks are much more easily obtainable now than they were a few months ago and even if you don't sew, there are lots of no-sew mask tutorials but if you need one for any reason and cannot get one, please email me!

Also, I shared this video on Facbeook a few days ago but will post it here too because I think it is also important. Guys, it's not cool to shame or mock a kid who wears a mask, for any reason. No matter if that kid is worried about catching a virus, or wants to look cool, or who just wants to comply with guidelines so they can go somewhere/do something/. I've been seeing a lot of this around here and maybe it's just the area I live in but - let kids wear a mask and don't try to make them feel bad about it! For that matter, don't mock anyone for wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is not "living in fear". Some people wear a mask because they feel it helps keep them and others safe. Others wear one out of respect. If you choose to not wear one, that is on you but don't try to force your opinion on others!
So anyway.
Our school district finalized their learning plan early this month and parents can opt to send their kids in for a regular (or as regular as can be, in these irregular times) school week OR do complete remote learning. Whatever the parent decides is what they are committed to, barring any unforeseen circumstances, for the first semester. My kids all wanted to return to school so that is what we chose as the best option for us.
Masks at first were encouraged but not required but now they are required for all k-12 students and it must be a fabric face covering versus a plastic face shield. So, all the face shields I ordered from Amazon are gonna sit tight for awhile. 😂 And over the weekend I began to make more masks. My kids will need a few each day and it doesn't hurt to have plenty extra, in case other kids at the school need some.
I am using the Twig & Tale free mask pattern exclusively now, and love how it fits. The 5 sizing options are really good. The Medium size fits me and the big boys, Anne takes a size Small and Rosie and Benjamin fit well into the X-small. I made some in size Large for our friend Kevin. So far we have not found anyone who is big enough to fit into the X-Large size!
I made some in plain fabric for my oldest son, David, who had fun decorating them with faces. He will be attending an alternative school where face masks will be needed during his drive to and from school but once at the school, he has the option to not wear a mask or to wear one provided by the school. He has a few of these masks as well as some neck gaiters to wear during his transportation.

I made each of the 3 littles an animal face mask and Benjamin wore his to 1st grade open house this week. Anne wore hers for 3rd grade, but Rosie chose to wear a panel mask with a raccoon and squirrel for her open house. Malachi had open house for 6th grade (he has decided to return to our district public school this year, after all) and the oldest two did not have open house.

So far each kid has about 8 masks apiece and I have more cut out to sew. I've also made a few mesh masks at special request but I won't make those for kids - kids need to follow the rules and be safe and these "anti masks" are a political statement that I can understand but that I do not share in. I will, however, make them to help some people comply in situations where these type of face coverings are allowed. I have also made a few similar ones out of stretch lace.
Masks at Rural King! Anyone over age 10 is required to wear face coverings in public areas
here in Ohio. 
So far the kids prefer the panel style over the pleated style since the seam curves away from the face and leaves a little air pocket on the inside. For ties I'm using t shirt fabric cut into strips and threaded through a pony bead so they can be adjusted to fit any size. It seems to work out a lot better than elastic or hair ties and it's insanely cheaper than either.
From a fat quarter at Wal Mart I can get 4-5 masks depending on size (not including lining, but I use scraps for that) so these are very economical masks to make.

Our first day of school is next week and they are all so excited! I am a little nervous but am excited too. I hope everything goes smoothly for the students and staff and that everyone is able to stay safe as we try to get a bit of a normal schedule back for our kids.
I can't believe all six of my kids are old enough for school! Where did time go? Rosie has Benjamins teacher from last year and she could not be more thrilled!

Much love,

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