Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Union Training Camp 2018

Here are some pictures from our event this past weekend. I did not camp overnight with the babies as it was simply too cold but we went out both days and had a wonderful time! After a long winter it was good to see our friends again and enjoy time together.

It topped out at about 40 degrees on Saturday. It was a little warmer in this cabin with a fire burning in the fire place, but not much warmer. We all dressed in our warmest things and I had everyone wear thermals underneath and no one complained of the cold. 

In the afternoon it was warmer outside in the sunshine. I followed the kids on a steep trail down to the lake and we spent a while enjoying the sunny valley there and the boys looked for minnows by the shore.

Going downhill is easier than going back up!


Malachi and David walk through the village.

Benjamin, Malachi and Joseph

Justin selling his wares.

The girls enjoyed playing games indoors!

Michael, Scott and David

Rosie ate snacks and kept me company while I sewed on Anthony's flag. This girl
was absolutely thrilled to be out reenacting again! Shortly after, we went to the dance (with live music!)
at the meeting house which she is continuing to talk about as her
"most favoritest best part". ;) 

Photo by Judah: Saturday night sunset. 

And a few from Sunday: 
It still looks like autumn. . .

There aren't many dandelions yet but there are a few!

I was soooo cold on Sunday since I didn't bring my sontag and wore
a "dressier" dress. NEVER AGAIN! Haha. I was so cold.

She found this little dog figurine in the dirt behind an old shed
and carried it around with her for a while. 


Goodies in Rosie's pail - ginger nuts and oranges!

Her pink dress may *just* work for this year, if I move the back
hooks over just a little to give more room. She wore this for the tea
on Sunday. She will, however, need a new jacket with longer sleeves!

Rosie loved carrying this pail of cookies around!


Malachi enjoyed looking for sticks, rocks, salamanders and old nails. 

Photo by Judah; Malachi and I. 

Judah took this photo of Anne on Sunday afternoon. He has
been practicing photography for 4-H and I am amazed by how
good his images are!

And with that, the season has begun! 



  1. I love everyone's impressions, but Anne's outfit from the first day really caught my attention! It looks so similar to Kirsten's "meet" outfit from the original series of American Girl historical dolls!

    1. Ha! That is true, though I didn't notice it when I first made this outfit. I loved Kirsten as a girl and it was a difficult choice between her, Addy and Felicity when it was time to buy a doll (I ended up with Felicity!)


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