Monday, April 16, 2018

Izzy Top Play Outfit and Plantain #2

One of the materials I got earlier this year was a length of heathered purple-grey jersey. It was soft and thick and seemed to be nice quality so I was excited to finally get a chance to use it a few weeks ago. I made a second shirt from the Plantain pattern and with the scraps leftover I made what is possibly my favorite project yet this year - a play outfit for Rosie!

Rosie's outfit was an experiment for me. I love making clothes for the girls but I don't have time to iron lots of dresses. So, again, woven cottons are not the best choice right now for our day to day wear. I've had the Izzy Top pattern saved for a while so decided to try it out for Rose. I didn't have enough material for the entire top so we made the yoke and sleeve portion out of the jersey with the skirts made out of a micro check blue and white cotton gingham that Rosie selected from my stash. 

One thing I despise is hems on woven garments that fold up in the wash. To combat that problem for this top, I finished the hem with a slightly-smaller band out of the jersey. This gives a sort of bubble shape to the top that is perfect and adorable for an active little girl! And since making it, this top has been through the washer many times and I have not had a single problem with the hem curling up! Yay!

The leggings we drafted straight from Rosie's measurements. I made the crotch depth a little big so on our next pair we will shorten them some. Otherwise, they work out really well. She has worn these leggings numerous times since we made them and they go with a lot of other dresses and tops in her closet. Leggings are one of the specific things I want to learn to make well this year since both of the girls go through them rapidly and wear them with almost everything! 

To finish the top, I appliqued a pink silk flower to the neckline and sewed a blue bead in the center. It's Rosie's favorite feature! 

She likes "matching" with Mommy, although my shirt is very different in style! It's fun to explore the different things I can make with knits! The adventure continues. . .and I'm very glad to have such darling little girls to sew for. :) 

Plantain #2 - with 3/4 sleeeves finished with a band and a
lengthened hem at the sides and front. 



  1. Love both outfits!! Your Izzy top variation is wonderful.

    1. Thank you! It was so nice to finally use the pattern. I've seen so many others versions of it online and it always comes out adorable for everybody! Rose helped me make another Izzy Top this week for her birthday dress, this time made out of all wovens. I'm looking forward to seeing her wear it on her birthday!


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