Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Pink Plush Fleece Bathrobe and Elephant Izzy Top

My darling baby girl had a birthday and turned 3! For her special day we made another Izzy Top for her to wear and I sewed up an itty bitty bathrobe out of some soft pink fleece. The bathrobe was done in advance of her birthday but because she liked it so much I let her have it early. It's been worn almost constantly since then!

The robe is made from the Brindle and Twig hoodie pattern altered to be robe-like, with a front opening and attached bands around the edges. And pockets! As usual, Rose insisted on those. I made the largest size but found it to just fit. So, sweet Rose, wear this while you can! I'm sure it won't be long before she has outgrown it.

This was my first time sewing with plush fleece and I was pretty worried about it. The stuff is incredibly soft but when you cut it it sheds like crazy! Underneath the shedding though it was easy to sew and I didn't have to finish any seam allowances since once the cut edges had shed their loose fibers, no more shedding!

Since she has been quite small Rose has loved to snuggle up in my own plush fleece robe after her bath at night, or at nap time or when we are reading stories. Now she has one of her own and maybe, maybe, I can have mine back. ;)

Her birthday Izzy top was made from a remnant of cotton gauze that is printed with pink elephants and purple hearts. I lined the top portion with white cotton and instead of the buttoned tab I used a loop of elastic at the back to close over the pink button.

When it was done I asked Rose if she liked it. She declared it needed pockets. So we added two patch pockets before she wore it to the Children's Museum. They were the perfect places to keep the new hatchimals and ponies she got for her birthday!

Unfortunately, the fabric is printed off-grain so the elephants
march in a sort of lopsided line across the top. I could deal with lining up the elephants on the skirt with a hemline off grain, but not the yoke portion as it just twisted up weirdly. So the elephants are diagonal. We will just
pretend we made it that way on purpose! ;)
Yes, that stain is from her hot pink cake frosting. (It came out in the wash, thankfully!)



  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Rose. I don't think they can come much cuter than she is. :)

    1. Thank you! I think she is pretty cute, myself! :)

  2. Very happy birthday to Rose. The best people are born in April!

    1. So true! My littlest sister is also an April baby. The sweetest and best people in my life indeed arrive in April.


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