Friday, March 10, 2017

My Hobbit Children!

It was such a gorgeous, warm, sunny day yesterday! I thought it would be a good opportunity to take pictures of the three littlest in the hobbit costumes I made for them last fall. Well, they aren't costumes anymore, really, just play clothes. I am sure they won't fit for Faire this fall so they may as well get use out of them while they can. 

And yes, I know I ought to be hunkered down madly sewing in my spare minutes for our upcoming demo but it was too nice yesterday to be cooped up indoors. And I have been making progress. I have Judah's new, bigger shirt done and finished hemming his new trousers yesterday. Weekend goals: pattern and sew his waistcoat and at least start his coat. 

It's nice that the back yard is mostly fenced in so that I can let the babies out back and let them run around as they please. I just followed them around and let them do their thing. Which was mostly plucking moss, picking up sticks that blew down in a recent storm and moving said sticks to either the wood pile or the fire pit and screaming joyfully while rummaging through the winter pile up of dead leaves. 

I really like how these styles are so practical for normal wear. I foresee more outfits for the girls in the same styles for summer dresses. Loose, breezy, comfortable clothes are best! Both for hobbits and for little ones. 

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