Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pictures from Demonstration Day!

I like Saturdays. It's pleasant to look back over the week and think about what you were able to accomplish, make new plans and look forward to a brand new week coming up. This past week was super busy! Now we have spring break and I think we will try to make it as low key as possible. But I do want to go to the zoo!  So, there's that.

I didn't think I'd have time or the inclination to sew this week but I did squeeze in two projects while doing my regular after-a-big-project reorganization and cleaning of the sewing room. This is the first teen style dress I've made in ages! I miss that time of life - it was fun wearing these styles back when I was young enough to go around in short sleeves during the day. :)
Came across this old picture the other day. 2005! At barely 19, I
was at the tail end of being able to wear teen style clothing!
I so loved this dress, sewn up in the basement sewing room of my
parents house.
For this one I ran a few rows of shirring across the center front of the bodice.

And, here are a few pictures from our demo day! The middle three children wanted to participate while little David, who is more into Minecraft than this specific era of history, stayed with grandma and the babies. Our topic was civilian life during the Civil War, and more specifically, what civilians (including kids!) did during the Civil War to help the war effort. Then, together we packed a box with all sorts of goodies to send to our theoretical 1860's soldier. It was such fun!

She reaaaallllly wanted a belt, last minute, so I adjusted my old one. Didn't work
out quite as well as I had hoped! We will make her a proper one before our
next event.

The kids with their dad, and a better picture of the double breasted
 frock coat I made last fall!

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