Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Corded Sunbonnet in Grey

Over the weekend I did a lot of work and as a consequence have been extremely tired this week. We graduated the baby out of her crib to a toddler bed and graduated Benjamin to a big boy bed. I had the brilliant idea of giving the boys the (finished) basement so they all would have more space and their own bathroom so we set to work early Saturday, hauling beds and dressers up and down the stairs. Then we all decided we liked it better the way it had been before, so back up and down everything came. Then we went to IKEA and bought bunk beds for the boys and a few other things to make their room more organized and space-saving. Then we had to put all that together. And then I arranged the girls room, and so, I am tired. And I am not in the mood to sew anything. I just want to plant my little raised beds and putter around outside. It's that late-winter-restlessnessy feeling. I just want to be outside, dammit.
Spring comes early. We do not mind. 
This sucks because in less than two weeks I will be giving a talk at an elementary school for a Civil War day they are having. The children who are going with me need their things finished. At the very least, I need to refit a dress so I have something to wear. I had planned to refit my pink dress last month for the HSM "Refit/Reuse/Remake" challenge but. . . yeah, didn't happen. I ordered some yellow gingham lawn that I would love to make into a sheer gown with a half-high lining before the school day and use my new repro belt buckle from Jeremy Richardson and my sorta-new mourning brooch but WHO HAS THE TIME?!?! Ahhhhh. I just really dooooooon't want to sew. 

Anyway. I made this sunbonnet a few weeks ago, working on it here and there in between other projects. It's based on the original below, which was listed on eBay. I liked the drawn effect of the brim and wanted to try it out for myself. 

Here's what I came up with:

I LOVE it! I used a thicker cord for this bonnet since my complaints with previous ones have mostly dealt with brim floppiness. I hate starching things although I know it's a completely common and period correct way to get things stiff. I just don't like how starched things wilt in damp conditions. I want a brim to withstand a deluge. And I don't like slat bonnets. 

This cord is thin cotton clothesline and works really well. The brim can still be turned back, if needed, and holds it shape nicely without the aid of starch. I added a full gathered, long curtain. I mean this curtain is long. Maybe a bit more so than I really need but I like how it covers everything. 

I made it up in a semi-sheer, striped grey fabric I bought a few summers ago. Works well, and the color will go with everything. At least I will have a pretty cool sunbonnet to wear for the school demo even if nothing else gets done. Must. Get. Motivation. Back. 


  1. I love it! That sunbonnet is very pretty. Great choice of fabrics. And I feel your pain about all the rearranging and feeling exhausted. We've done some of that ourselves recently. :)

  2. Oh man, it does wear you out, doesn't it?!


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