Thursday, December 3, 2015

Anne's Thanksgiving Dress

The weekend before Thanksgiving was cold and wet and I was sick. Fevers, chills, that sort of thing. While the boys watched Prince Caspian and the babies napped to the lullabye of rain tapping against the window I wrapped myself in a blanket and descended into my basement sewing spot to try to organize a few things. Anne followed me down and while I refolded and stacked fabric she pulled out her favorites and pretended to sew. A few smallish pieces of poly/cotton blend I set aside, unsure what to use them for. She pounced on them and immediately begged me to make her a dress. Both prints had blue flowers in them and she has been asking me to make her a dress with blue ribbons. So, a few hours later, we had a dress!

I used the trusty Sense and Sensibility girls regency pattern for the bodice, lengthening it about 2". The skirt was sewn as a little tube with a small ruffle and the sleeves elbow length with a small ruffle. The overskirt was cut as two U shaped pieces. I *just* had enough of each fabric to make this and used up almost every last scrap! It was a good feeling to get those fabrics off my shelf and made into something that will be used. 

I'm not quite sure what to call it. It's kinda quasi-historically-inspired, kinda fantasy, kinda 1970's-does-hobbit-does-18th-century. Right? 

Whatever it is, already it has seen a lot of use. It's one of those annoying sorts of dresses that needs to be ironed after every washing but it makes Anne happy. Whenever it is clean and hanging in her closet, she wants to wear it. In these pictures she is cooking pretend eggs near the fireplace in an itty bitty cast iron skillet. I was so pleased how the wreath matched her dress, too! Earlier this year I traded a little hobbit dress for several floral wreaths and some soap and man, this one sure matched her dress really well.

I am really loving Anne at age three right now! So fun to sew for a little girl with a huge imagination and an even bigger personality!


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