Saturday, October 10, 2015


Already we are approaching the middle of October! Cool nights, early evenings and mornings with chilly sunshine. The days are rather short now and the dark comes quickly. So passes summer into golden memory. Life is a breath.

I hope to soon have a post about some of the items I've been working on for a very special project. I can't say that much about it since it is to be revealed as part of a group at the end of the year, but vague updates are allowed! If you haven't heard of the Vernet's 1814 Merveilleuses and Incroyables project, that is recreating fashion plates from 1814, then check out the facebook page here!

In the meantime, this week I've worked on filling a few orders and making a few new items for the shop, including some boys wool caps and a velvet hood.

Anne and I are working together on her 1860's dress, but it's coming along more slowly than I would like. There just aren't enough hours in the day! The good thing is that there is always something to keep busy with!

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