Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Sewing

My jolly little boy and I had a peanut butter and jelly picnic and while he rejoiced in plucking clover blossoms and finding interesting sticks and rocks I finished up a little sewing and we enjoyed the beautiful afternoon together. Can I just say how awesome this August has been?! Lovely days with nights just warm enough to leave the windows open while being cool enough to snuggle under several blankets. It has been like having an early autumn. I have not missed the muggy smothering heat of past summers one bit. Although, my tomato plants died prematurely and bore very little fruit. Sad.

So what did I finish this week? Well, my chemise and yes, YES, I DID finish my drawers! Haha, not too much to get excited about but yeah - go me! Once I put new steels into my hooped petticoat, I will be all set to start a dress. 

The last time I made new drawers my son Judah was a baby. That's like, eight years ago. I was long overdue for a new pair. I had a better idea this time of what I wanted them to look like and how I wanted them to fit (my last pairs were quite long, and the leg rather slim. They worked, but didn't look quite right).

I drew inspiration for my drawers from these two original pairs from the Met Museum

The first pair most closely represent the loose, baggy, shorter fit I wanted. I didn't have any pretty lace to put on the hem, but I did make a scalloped edge ruffle for each leg. And a few tiny tucks. 

Like most drawers of this period (and at this time, drawers were still optional. I like them because they prevent thigh chafe, which is a highly uncomfortable and debilitating condition) the center seam is left open. I finished the edges with a facing and the two sides are overlapped at the waist to provide modesty when worn. The basic practicality of this design is to provide convenience when using the bathroom.

They close at the back with two buttons. 

The rear is quite baggy and loose, and longer than the front. 

I did try these on and the fit is exactly what I want, so I'm happy!! This is the fabric I plan to use for my dress. 

I really do love this fabric. It is a pretty, almost neutral pink with bold stripes. The stripes really pop yet the overall effect isn't very obnoxiously loud. I don't have a lot of yardage but there is enough to make a decent work dress worn with small hoops and it can be dressed up with simple accessories for more formal occasions, like a church service. I'm excited to make it! 


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