Monday, August 31, 2015

Corset Pictures

I got a chance to try everything on today and so far, so good. I can see now a few issues with the corset but it's nothing to get too upset over. Mainly the bust is a bit too tight but since I'm still breastfeeding I think that once the baby is weaned the corset will fit better. As any nursing mom can attest to, bust size is a variable thing from day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute! ;)

Chemise fits well as does the drawers. The cording in the corset looks cool, but otherwise I don't think it changes the fit very much. It definitely makes the corset feel more firm but doesn't contribute to shaping. Of course, I expected that. 

The back has a pretty good gap. Not totally even but I can work on that more when I have more time to properly dress myself. With the layers of drawers and chemise under it, the hip visually looks better. 

I bought some hair to make a hairpiece. There was quite a lot of it. . .I'm still not sure how to style it exactly, but the match is nearly perfect! 

A closer detail of the corset. This corset is darned hard to photograph since it is such a light color. 

And so, that is that. On to the dress, next, I suppose. And a regency corset, because that is perhaps even more important than a dress. At least, it is equally important!

September is tomorrow. My favorite month of the year; so passes summer. 



  1. It looks very nice, and the hip flare is not noticeable. And yes, how tricky is the changing bust sizes of breastfeeding, when making clothes!

  2. Sarah Jane,
    How do you breastfeed in a corset? I reenacted Civil War events a few years ago before I had our first baby. Now that she's over a year old I put my old corset, etc. back on, thrilled at the feeling of being back in my 1860s complete outfit, then couldn't nurse her down for a nap. :/ Off it all had to come in exchange for modern wear. Suggestions? Should I have a custom nursing corset made? I sew well and made all of my period clothes except the corset. I'm not confident in my fitting abilities.

    1. Ugh, I'm so sorry that happened! Sometimes my babies have taken some time to get used to the differences in nursing in a corset vs. nursing without. I thought a lot about your question and similar ones I've been asked over the years so am working on a blog post about how I nurse in a corset and the different nursing positions that work for me. I hope you are able to find a way to make it work! A custom nursing corset is a definite option. I've never used one personally but others who have, say that the bust openings make nursing easier.

      Are you able to lay down at all, or recline on a sofa with your little one when you are nursing her in your period attire? When Rose is sleepy I find that being able to lie down next to her works best for nursing her to sleep. When she finally falls asleep I can just gently rise and pull the nipple out of her mouth and she isn't much disturbed while I fasten up the bodice. Then I can leave her where she is, or gently move her to a safe place for a nap. She's just over a year old, too, and so it is easier to nurse her when she isn't sleepy since she likes positions that are less awkward at those times!


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