Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sewing For My Birthday Girl

My sweet little Anne celebrated her third (third!? how can that be possible?) birthday last month. While she is definitely quite a girly girl, she is also very much a tomboy. While her brothers gifted her with matchbox cars and barbie dolls she specifically requested a "doctor coat" so I decided to make one for her.

I used a thrifted white cotton sheet for the fabric and some plastic buttons recycled from an old garment. The collar came out a little awkward  but all in all I was happy with the finished coat. It has three big pockets and is roomy enough to allow her a little bit of growing room. Of course, white is the absolute worst color to put on an active preschooler. Already is full of marker stains and dirt stains and food stains, but hey, at least I can bleach it!

So far this is the only picture I have of her wearing it - she's in constant motion so it's hard to get many pictures of her!

I also made her a fluffy pink tutu. She has a little sparkly turquoise one that she has loved for the past year but it was getting small and dingy. I bought a few yards of tulle and some satin for a waistband and used the fabulous tutu tutorial at Starlight Masquerade to make her a birthday tutu. She was very happy with it!

The only thing I may add to future tutu's is a little underskirt sewn in with the waistband. It would eliminate the need to wear a skirt, shorts or leggings under the tutu and would protect the legs from being scratched. 

Happy birthday baby girl! 

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  1. Happy Birthday to Anne! "Doctor Ballerina" sounds like a solid future career choice.


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