Sunday, January 29, 2012

Medieval Pink Linen Gown - It Is Finished

It snowed in the night and although it was quite cold, David took some photos of my dress and yes. He let me use his sword. :) Alas. Is it right a married mother of soon-to-be four children can still feel happily silly and giddy when donning a new frock and playing with pretty things? I have photos to share later of the festival (we had a marvelous time and I felt like Cinderella going down the steps at midnight!) and for now, here are some of the dress. (I think the next thing I make from this period definitely will have to be shoes). 
And what is this we see? Is that a baby bump? A very small one, perhaps?
 People, I think we can safely say that this is no longer just a belly pooch.
 There is a very small human creature in there! 12 weeks down, 28 to go. :)
Tippets! They don't go *quite* all the way to the ground but I am happy with how they came out.
The wool facing does a great job keeping the hem clean
Here you can (kinda) see how the tippets are a separate piece attached at the back of the arm. 
Okay. David said I could show the photos with the sword ONLY IF I EXPLICITLY stated that this is NOT a medieval style sword but an 1850's medical officers dress sword and is used for "real" (i.e. non-SCA) reenacting. So. Here I state this.


  1. I certainly hope a girl can't get too old or have too many kids to enjoy a pretty new dress. :) I love this dress. It looks so lovely on you! So happy the pink color came out. I'm a pink kind of a girl.

  2. Your dress is fabulous, as are the photos! Everything looks perfectly medieval.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
    And so many congratulations!! That is wonderful news!

  4. You look very pretty, and one is never too old or settled to be happy over a new dress. And I agree with David - it is important not to mix periods without stating that fact ;)

  5. Sarah, your font is very small and difficult to read. Many lines are totally impossible to read (look like the have been lightly erased. Is there something I so enjoy your blog and learn so much from it. Thanks

  6. Sarah,sorry I did not read ahead. Please ignore my last post about the small font.

  7. These are beau-ti-ful pictures!
    The blue hue esp. on the last one is perfect for framing! It has been many years since I have been in or seen snow (live way in the South) and it is ever so beautiful (but cold, brrrr). Lisa

  8. Deborah, were you able to get the font size issue worked out? For me the font shows up normally but I know every computer is different. Let me know if the issue is still there! I can post in larger font size if that would help.

    Thanks for the kind words! Sarah, I agree, although since the SCA is not as "serious" about authenticity as the other eras we do, I don't mind mixing eras (a little) since it covers such a huge time span anyway. Currently I'm just in a LOTR mood and so anything that strikes me as LOTR-ish is favored by my fancy. ;)

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  10. Lovely, lovely! This style suits you really well. I love the fullness of the skirt :-) And David's stipulations about the sword made me giggle!

    (Definitely seeing the baby bump now. Yay!)

  11. It is lovely. The snow really enhances the period mood perfectly. Especially diggin the sword pics (period appropriate or not), I have this image of a woman ready to protect her children and village while the men are defending thier lord's castle and keep.

    and may we never become to old to enjoy the joys of a new dress, especially costume, and frolicking giddy and silly.


  12. BEAUTIFUL! In the silhouette(sp?) Picture, you can tell you are pregnant. ;P

  13. I love the ones with the sword. You look so epic.

    I'm in a LOTR-ish mood trying to figure out how to make Eowyn's shieldmaiden dress practical for housework... :)

  14. The baby-bump one could be a really epic painting. Its like a painting or something, its so beautiful, full of life and the feeling I get when thinking about the middle ages...

  15. The dress looks fabulous.
    Now are you Guinevere or lady of the lake? ;)

  16. Very nice! You guys took some great photos, and congrats on the new addition!

  17. Very, very beautiful work! I never thought medieval could be this pretty! But this truly is.

  18. What do you wear under it to get such good oomph?
    Or is the linen just that amazing? I love yours, but i think if I made one it would just bunch up and look weird in all the wrong places.

    Great job!
    (not sure why my id doesn't have my name)

  19. Colleen, it's just the linen. :) Underneath I am wearing my wool fitted kirtle and a linen shift, but the dress is just as supportive without anything on underneath. The only place it is actually fitted tightly is directly under the boob-line. . .otherwise it is quite loose and skimming of the torso until it flares out above the hips into the wide skirts. I used the instructions from La Cotte Simple to fit the dress. This one is fitted with the curved front seam method, versus the straight front seam method. For me (DD cup size) it works MUCH MUCH better and gives MUCH better support than the straight front seam method. I'm sure you could make a lovely one! These are not hard to make, its only the fitting of the shoulder, neckline and boobs that is hard at first, but once you have it done, the rest is super easy! And linen is very forgiving. :)

  20. really really lovely!

    my husband does "real" reenacting too. : )


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