Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Never Ending Eyelets of Doom

Not quite never ending. But in the midst of the swimming, one feels like one is drowning. Drowning in eyelets.

All made quite the same way. Tiny dots 3/4" apart. Take small pointy object, insert into a dot and twist. Take knitting needle, insert into the hole made, and twist til the hole is nice and large. Whip stitch around edges. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Half are done. The other half will be done today and once I have made a new lacing cord I will be able to put the dress on and fit the sleeves. We are in the home stretch, people!



  1. What kind of pointy object do I use? I've tried using scissors, but that cut the threads...which we are or aren't supposed to do?

  2. Oh my...

    I'm working on something with eyelets.. having to work through six layers of silk, 2 cotton, 1 mystery brocade fabric. I don't whipstitch though, I think I'm using a buttonhole stitch? And I get to go 1.25" before making the next hole. I think I've done 5 or 6 in the past few evenings. *sigh*

  3. Hannah, I usually use a blunt pointy object like an awl - last night I used a very tiny screw driver head to just gently poke a hole in the fabric. The the bigger end of the knitting needle can go into the small hole and gently work it open so I can stitch around it. From what I've read, it is better to just push the fibers apart to create the hole instead of actually cutting a hole. Cutting a hole will cause fraying and will weaken the fabric.

    EllaJac, I applaud you! I would NOT want to make eyelets through six layers of anything, much less six layers of silk along with cotton, brocade and mystery fabric! How do your fingers survive?!


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