Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ballgown Progress Update #1

Whizzing through the basic stuff so I can spend more time on the trim. I want to do a pleated bertha on this one and that is something I have never done before. Alas. I have til Saturday to come up with something.

I think I need to let the center front seam out a tid bit. It's a wee bit too tight as you can tell by the horizontal pulling across the bust. Otherwise, I'm happy with the fit. Princess seams are WAY easier to fit than darts and give a nice streamlined appearance. I like this bodice far better than my last ballgown bodice!



  1. this is absolutely lovely! i especially like the tucks in the skirt.

  2. Its looking so beautiful already! :D I can't wait to see what you do with the trim. And I too love the tucks in the skirts. SO often I see flounces, ruffles, frills and all that type of thing, but not often do I see more crisp styles. :d Nothings wrong with either. I just prefer pleats and tucks to gathers and frills. lol

  3. Thanks Brooke and Samantha!

    Brooke, me too. I like the more tailored styles. I feel all huge and fluffy in lots of ruffles and lace. I usually make small cap type sleeves but am going to go for a bit of pouf with the double puff this time around. :)

    Another nice thing about tucks and pleats is that they take so little time to do. Sooooo much faster and easier than hemming and gathering hundreds of inches of bias cut flounces! I'm all for quick and easy. :P

  4. Lovely! I love the color! :) I have been enjoying getting to know you through your blog! :)

  5. It looks very pretty so far, the lines are beautiful, as is the colour :)

  6. It's turning round beautiful! Good luck with the bertha!
    And yes, the tucks are pretty, too.

  7. You really cut a beautiful figure, Sarah. You have one of those classic 1860s figures that some of us (I mean me) would just die for! :)


  8. Wonderfully beautiful! You are amazing how fast you can get something accomplished! I can not wait to see how you finish it up! Have a wonderful weekend in your gorgeous gown.


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