Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Petticoat Skirt For a Birthday Girl

David is leaving for Galena tomorrow. In all our life together he has left me to go alone to a reenactment just once, when I was very pregnant with our little David. Quilts are draped about the living room, uniform coats and belts and boots are heaped up into big bundles, ready to be packed. I have been cookie baking and fudge making for him. If I cannot be there in person, at least he will have this and will not Starve.

The reason I am not going? My baby sister is having her birthday party this weekend and I wouldn't miss it for anything! I can't believe how much of a young lady she is now. I looked at my little Malachi today and told him I clearly remembered when his Auntie was his very age. Will the future years go by just as quickly as these last ones have passed? Will Malachi be eleven years old before I blink my eyes, as it seems my little sister has?
This week has been spent sewing for the sweet birthday girl. My mother gave me the suggestion of curtains for her bedroom so after planning the style with the help of my mother I made these little valances. They are very simple and the trim is a single row of zig zagged on blue-green satin ribbon. I hung a finished curtain on one of our porch windows to see how they look. I hope she likes them!
Today I made her a green skirt that is based on this tutorial. I liked the overall look of the skirt but did not follow the original instructions on how to make it. I did not make the top tier a trapezoid shape. The top tier is made of two rectangles 18" x 26" (to give a hem circumference of 50") and the two bottom tiers are each appx. 100" and 200" around the bottom of each. I tacked on a little pink ribbon bow at the bottom of the skirt and used the same pink ribbon to make a tag for the back, so she knows which way is forward! I like the pink and green together. It makes me think of watermelon. :)

I had just enough of the skirt fabric left to make a decent size bag. I still need to make and attach the strap, but that is an easy project for tomorrow. The outside has 3 pockets made of the same green fabric on the outside and lined with pink on the inside. The inside has two pockets made of leftover curtain fabric and trimmed with green ric rac and turquoise bias tape.

Now once a yummy mocha chocolate cake is baked and frosted, we will be all set for a birthday party!

Hopefully I won't miss David too much, but I have my doubts. :) I'll be glad when he is home again. We have not had very many overnight separations since we were married and it will be strange to have such an empty bed at night. I'm glad I have my wee babe to help fill the space.
Lovely weekend to all!



  1. How could she not love such beautiful valances? And the skirt! And bag! She'l going to love them!

  2. Oh Sarah,

    How beautiful and how sweet! Would that I were 11 and getting such lovely handmade gifts! You are truly talented and thoughtful. I hope that you don't miss your sweetie too much. ;0) How nice that you have that little warm cuddly babe!

  3. Lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  4. How pretty!
    I'm sure she will love them. :)

  5. Again, you have done a beautiful job :) The pink ribbon is so feminine!

    The valances are so pretty...she will truly say - "thank you, big sister for showing your love for me through your beautiful handiwork" :~)

    I know this weekend will be a bit rough without your husband but think of the homecoming...


    Lady M

  6. The curtains are cute and I love the skirt. That green is so bright and cheerful. Your sister is blessed to have you!

    I hope you manage okay without David...I can't sleep if Anthony is not with me.

    Lovely weekend to you, too! :)

  7. The curtains are beautiful!!! I would love to make something like that for my children's bedroom and you have inspired me! :)

    The petticoat is great and I love the colour you chose - not the usual white. And the ribbon adds just the touch. From looking at the tutorial, it seems like it's a lot like the tierd skirt tutorial. I have been wanting to make a petticoat for a long time, and I think I could finally try my hand at it. :)

    Have a gloriously beautiful day!

  8. OOOooooohh! What fun! I hadn't realized that you had such young siblings too! I have a sister who has recently joined the ranks of the 9 year olds...such fun to watch her grow up! Your sister will love all those goodies! I mark backs of garments like that too, it makes it easy for Jenny on those days when she simply must dress herself. :) I just love everything...such wonderful eye candy is just the inspiration I've been needing to get started..that and the JoAnn's sale next week!

    My hubby is off camping for a night this weekend too, with the boyscout troop he helps with. I miss him so much, but everything always goes well...I just hope and pray I don't see that mouse again!! :-S
    Have a lovely party! (and share that cake recipe!!)

  9. The skirt is so lovely and makes me think of Spring! She'll look lovely in it. I hope you'll do OK without David, in 18 years of marriage we've only been apart for 4 nights, I wouldn't like it otherwise. But like the other poster said, think of the homecoming!


  10. You sister is one lucky young lady. Everything is just beautiful Sarah. But then again everything you make is always beautiful.


  11. I hope you won't be too lonely. Wish your sister a happy birthday for me. God Bless you friend.



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