Sunday, April 26, 2009

Judah's Pumpkin Colored Dress

I measured my stocky child (the other ones being Thin and Medium Children, as characteristically described) yesterday before his naptime, drew out a pattern and made up a gown while he was sleeping. It was a fast, quick job. I sewed on the trim today while we journeyed to town, to get seeds. And lumber for our square foot garden. And much yardage of white cotton for baby underwear.

I wanted to see how it fit my boy once I got it mostly put together (it is done except for finishing off the waist seam and the addition of hook and eyes, so for the pictures it is just pinned together at the back). Judah seemed to love this dress, despite his ashamed appearance at wearing his wool frock a few weeks ago when I tried it on him. I think he knows that this is *his* dress. It doesn't match anything his brothers have and it is uniquely his. He likes his own particular things. Of course. I am the same way, myself.

It is a bit big, I think. I added 3" of ease to the chest and waist. The dress really only fits like I wanted it to at the neckline and the waist hangs almost at where it should hang. It's a bit low, I think. . .I need to take up 1/4" on each side since the waist hangs lower at the sides than it does in the front and the armscye really is severely dropped. But for a first attempt with the new pattern it is not too bad, I guess.

Here are a few pictures of Judah wearing it. It was incredibly difficult to get him to pose. He is at the "I'm running, please chase me" stage and fled from the camera with incredible determination. He is sans underwear (haven't made it yet) and is wearing a modern diaper and shorts beneath, so with the proper petticoats and such I think the skirts will look much better and the dress will fit a bit better and not be so loose.
Ignore the van. So farb.

A concentrated move. He sticks out his tongue just like his daddy does when he is in high pursuit of something.
On the side door step.
I think he is pictured out. We'll stop now, baby boy.

One dress down, two to go!




  1. Your little one is adorable, and his dress is sooo cute!

    Your van comment cracked me up. ;)

    I still can't figure out how you get so much done!

  2. *darling* He is such a cutie! The dress is lovely!

  3. I see ALOT of you in him. :)
    He's getting tall.
    I love the color of his dress.

  4. I love the trim on that dress. Thanks for the inspiration - I have to get sewing. Less than a month until our first event! I still have those roper boots you sent me - I think they still fit Abby, so we might get another season out of them. Then I will send them back for Malachi to use next year.

    Jess Craig

  5. I'm very partial to pumpkin. The trim is really unique as well, I might use your idea on a dress for one of the girls. You are really getting your sewing projects done in good time, it puts me to shame. ;-)


  6. Thanks! Mrs. G., I've been getting a lot of my inspiration from your cdv website - this dress was originally meant to be copied from one of your pictures, but I came out short on trim and short on time to make more, so. . .I'll try it with a different dress for him. :)

    It's great to hear from you Jessica! I've been wondering how you and your babies are doing! :) I'm glad you can still use the boots! I put off my sewing til almost last minute too. Our first event is a week from Friday so we'll see if I can get everything done by then! Hopefully so!

  7. Sarah~You never cease to amaze me! You must have great focus and determination, because(Ha!)I haven't sewn any dresses for my new little lady...even with all my good intentions!
    I really need to learn to utilize my time better I think.

    I love the little dresses you make your boys and I am desirous of making some for my little lady:-)

    Have a great day!

  8. Too cute! I really like the print and color!

  9. So wonderful! Love the comment about the van...but these little ones are a moving target, you have to take your chance and snap when they are still for that moment.

    Love the frock, the print,the trim, but the boy is the most beautiful! My what gorgeous children you have...I think I want one. Precious.

  10. I can't believe how big he is getting. I love the dress! What a handsome boy :-)

  11. That's so cute, Sarah! You are very talented...and you must be very motivated, too. I want to sew clothes for Maria but time always gets away from me.

    I think Judah looks a lot like you.


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